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When You Enroll in the Winter 2021 Term of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training

In this unique relationship-based training, discover the key skills, tools, and distinctions that can further empower you to transform your clients' challenges with food and body ...

Dear Friend, 

As someone considering enrolling in the Winter 2021 Term of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, I'd like to let you know of a special bonus we're including free-of-charge as part of your enrollment package.

Valued at $4,000, this unique relationship-based training has until recently been offered as a stand-alone program for helping professionals.

Below you'll find information about the program, why it's relevant to you as a future Mind Body Eating Coach, and some other key details.

Let's dig in ...

Are you a coach, practitioner, counselor, helping professional, or someone interested in serving others in a meaningful way?

If you are: 

Have you noticed that one of the greatest challenges people face, the thing they talk about most, complain about the most, long for the most, and want the most happiness from is… 


And perhaps you've also noticed that when relationships aren't going well, when they're lacking or just plain missing, that people resort to all sorts of coping mechanisms?

Whether your clients are in a relationship, looking for one, recovering from a painful breakup, or wishing they were in a better relationship, you've probably found that food can become a kind of diversion and distraction.

As you move through The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, you'll find that what you thought was a deep dive into food and body challenges opens up into a much larger - and unexpected - conversation. Relationships and the role they play in our health and wellness are one of the key pieces of that larger conversation.

Here’s the thing: 

Relationships impact literally every area of our lives - certainly our health, well-being, our eating habits and body image, but also our confidence, our sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, work habits, finances, success, and our outlook on life. 

And today, relationships are at an important crossroads. Check out these statistics: 

  • Marriages have about a 50% chance of survival 
  • The stress of divorce is equivalent to the stress of experiencing a car crash every day over 6 months 
  • The #1 relationship argument is about money 
  • Marital satisfaction decreases after the first baby is born and soars after the last child leaves home 
  • A troubled relationship is as big a risk factor for heart disease as regular smoking 
  • Over 50% of single people have not had a date in two years 
  • And over half of all people in relationship wish they were happier 

Clients coming to us for help with binge eating, emotional eating, body image issues, endless dieting, and other related challenges don't tend to lead with "I want to work on my relationship challenges." They may not even know that relationship problems are contributing to their food and body concerns.

But I've discovered after decades of coaching that relationships are key to addressing many of today's most common food and body challenges. In fact, they're often the key to unlocking these challenges.

When you know how to recognize and work with challenging relationship patterns, you'll have extra confidence knowing that you have the tools and skillset to help your clients in a truly holistic way.

Clearly, it’s time to shed some new light on these fascinating challenges. 

Hear from some of our past trainees ...

Marc gently invites us to consider that all relationships are here to teach us. Then he so wisely paves the way for us to understand the subject of conscious relationships in a comprehensive and multifaceted way. I continue to be deeply grateful for the knowledge, support, and connection that Marc so generously shares with us. The Conscious Relationship Training is truly a potent and unique experience.

~ Susan Beckman Reagan

I have thoroughly enjoyed the content and delivery of The Conscious Relationship course work. It has provided me with the proper framework to improve my communication skills with my partner and pass these tools on to my clients. I feel confident in my ability to navigate any relationship challenge knowing that whatever conflict arises is simply an area for growth. The content is so universal and covers experiences from every walk of life, that I am able to counsel my clients of all ages and genders in their own relationship challenges. I really enjoyed the delivery of the program in audible form and looked forward to listening in my car on my work commute. I wouldn't have been able to complete the course without this convenient option. The handouts were also very helpful and I love that I have a permanent reference for this work. I would recommend everyone complete this course. Whether or not you are a health coach, life coach, in a relationship or single, Marc David's message is one everyone needs to hear and I thank you so much for your work!

~ Emily Koval

Marc David is a gifted teacher. He brings wisdom in so many forms. His approach is both research based and experienced based. He always holds space in his teaching to consider the magical space of the unknown. That there is always a higher wisdom working, that there is always something to learn, and always more opportunities to love...others as much as ourselves. This is consciousness. The willingness and courage to step back and see the whole picture, even the parts we may not want to see. Thanks to this training I feel that I have a whole new perspective on how I can both relate to my clients, and coach my clients. Not only that, but it helped me see patterns within myself that affect my relationships. So not only do I have valuable skills to improve my coaching I have an opportunity to improve myself.

~ Tara Mixon

I found the teachings and insights by Marc David to be so refreshingly practical and yet layered in so much depth. Marc has an amazing way to explain and put words to what I believe are many people's gut feelings or deep Truths. This program has allowed me to peel back layers of my own personal relationships with my spouse, children, parents and mostly with myself. Relationships can often be an extremely personal topic that many shy away from discussing or sharing their beliefs and insights. Marc opens up on topics that strike a chord so deep, I couldn't help but become aware of my own beliefs and take a step back and find underlying motives. This was so healing for me. Marc has a gift of translating Symbolic Archetypes into real everyday patterns.

I am forever grateful for his wisdom and so glad I once again invested in his programs.

~ Rosie Velasquez


Before I tell you more, I‘d like to share a few brief words about who I am and why I created this training.

My name is Marc David, and I’m the Founder and lead faculty member of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I’m a teacher and consultant in Eating Psychology and the author of the classic, bestselling books Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet, which introduced the world to a whole new approach to food, body and health. 

For over three decades, I’ve done my best to be an innovator in eating psychology and nutrition and to make a real difference in people’s lives. My work has been featured on CNN and NBC, and in The New York Times, Chicago Times, McCall’s, Glamour, Elle, Yoga Journal, WebMD, and hundreds more publications. My books have been translated into over 10 languages. I’ve presented at a long list of professional settings, including Harvard University, the Institute for Functional Medicine, and the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. 

I’ve mentored many of the luminaries in the fields of nutrition and natural medicine. And I’ve personally logged thousands of hours working with people over the last 35+ years on a wide range of eating and emotional challenges. 

And here’s the thing: 

Throughout my career, I've noticed again and again how so many of the challenges we face with food and body are intimately linked to relationship. I’ve seen how many clients with concerns around health, weight, food, fitness and personal development finally found a breakthrough or saw lasting change, but only after they were able to address their relationship challenges in a clear and skillful way. 

Over the years, I’ve devoted myself to understanding what this connection between food and body challenges, and relationships, is truly all about. I've immersed myself in the study of conflict resolution, communication styles, masculine and feminine psychology, marriage and family counseling, and family constellation therapy, and I've studied the work of so many of the major relationship experts - and many of the lesser known ones as well. 

And then I distilled all I had learned and discovered, and put it together in a single, comprehensive Training. 

So you get to benefit from someone who’s been a bit obsessed and plenty inspired, both personally and professionally, when it comes to effectively helping people with their relationship concerns… 

I Found the Key

In my quest to find the best insights from each expert and approach, I discovered what I believe is THE #1 most important key ingredient to help people with their relationship concerns. 

This ingredient, when present, positions you and your clients for the best outcomes possible. With it, anything is possible. Without it, far too many people struggle when they simply don't have to.

And that ingredient is simply this: 


Allow me to explain… 

Consciousness means having a higher level of awareness. It means becoming aware of and “owning” our personal responsibility - that which we have to ourselves and to our own growth, and of course, the responsibility we have within our relationships. It means waking up to a greater level of maturity and character.

Consciousness is the wise voice inside each of us guiding us through life’s greatest challenges. 

And the exceedingly good news is that consciousness is something that can be learned and developed. It’s something that literally everyone can access - especially if they have the help of a trusted mentor, guide, or coach. 


We have a powerful opportunity before us. With the great interest that so many people have around relationship and the suffering and confusion that so many are experiencing in this area, with the global need for a wise and clear approach, and with the rising demand for skilled coaches, you can now participate in a Training that gives you the tools to make a real difference AND earn some extra income.

Consider that:

  • Hundreds of millions of books about relationship have been sold in the last decade 
  • Relationship is consistently one of the most popular topics on talk shows, radio, podcasts, on social media and in the movies
  • Coaching itself is a $2 billion dollar a year industry that’s becoming even more and more popular each year
  • Americans alone are spending upwards of $900 million per year on coaching
  • And despite all this, relationship is the key area that so many coaches and practitioners simply don’t have enough training in 

The Conscious Relationship Training will give you what you need to feel confident about working with clients facing a variety of common relationship challenges. You’ll have a new outlook on your practice, your clients can experience real, sustainable transformation, and you’ll feel uplifted knowing that you’re doing good work in the world.





The Conscious Relationship Training is a skills- and wisdom-rich online distance education program. It consists of 20 sessions and includes audio presentations, notes, transcripts. We recommend that you move through the Training at a pace of one session per week, however all 20 sessions will be released at once. You'll therefore be able to complete the Training in the way that suits you best.

It’s designed specifically for coaches, practitioners and helping professionals who would like to expand their practice by learning the skills and tools to coach clients around the most common relationship challenges. 

Convenient Distance-Learning Format

You can take this Training with you wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling, have a full-time career, are a busy parent, or you’re in a life transition, the Training is designed to easily fit your lifestyle. Access the material on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection! We’ve created a user-friendly online experience that makes learning enjoyable. 

All Materials and Handouts are Yours to Keep for Life

Review the content anytime and anywhere. Audio files and handouts are easily downloadable and yours to keep for life! Come back to material you want to spend extra time with, and go deeper into the learning experience. Many of our students share that they listen to classes again whenever they need a refresher or extra inspiration.

Powerfully Tap into Your Gifts as a Helping Professional

It’s a special feeling to know that you’re accessing your deepest inborn gifts and using them to make the world a better place. I’d love for you to have that experience. And we don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach to training coaches. We want you to discover your unique style and talents as a helping professional. The Training is designed to bring out the best in you and give you a new sense of confidence when working with clients.

Enjoy a Teaching Style that’s Results Oriented

In the Conscious Relationship Training, you’ll learn distinctions around relationship that so many of your clients will be fascinated by. The approach we take is fresh and contemporary. You’ll learn practitioner tools and skills for transforming relationship challenges, as well as techniques that partners can use to create better communication and connection. 

Curated Recommended Reading List

Learn from an eclectic and highly informative collection of books written by some of the most respected leaders in relationship and personal development. The optional reading list is a great support for the learning process. It’s a resource you can turn to when you want to dive deeper into your favorite topics and take your education to the next level. 

Enhance Your Earning Power

We live in a time when meaningful work is so important. And if you’re any kind of helping professional, you understand the great feeling of being financially rewarded for serving others in a way truly that makes a difference. This Training is an ideal professional development opportunity for already existing coaches and practitioners who want to add a new skillset that can expand their offerings and create more value in their practice.

Transform Your Own Relationship

It’s hard to take a Training like this and not learn something that will impact you personally. As you use the material to work on yourself and explore your own experiences in relationship, you’ll be better equipped to deliver compassionate, meaningful coaching to your clients. So often, the best practitioners are those who have “been there” themselves. You don’t need to be perfect to help others – you simply need to have skill, care, and be one step ahead. 


The Conscious Relationship Training is founded upon a unique, practical, and eye-opening blend of coaching skills, cultural studies, transformational disciplines, mind body science, conflict-resolution skills, results driven strategies and actionable techniques. We believe in an approach that helps you apply your knowledge in the real world, and inspired by the best insights that personal development and psychology has to offer. 

Our curriculum is designed to help you help your clients with the most common relationship challenges. This includes concerns around communication, intimacy, arguing, fighting, dating, breaking up, transitions, and the unique challenges facing women, men, and different age groups. 

The focus of this Training is on teaching you how to help your client do their own inner work, by offering them new ideas, tools and skills that they can bring into their relationship life. It won’t make you a couples therapist, which is a specialized discipline requiring years of study. Rather, you’ll learn to work one on one with clients who want to heal, shift, or simply revitalize the way they do relationship, and you’ll gain a powerful set of coaching strategies to help them get where they want to go. 

Some of the topics covered in the Training include: 

  • Relationship Coaching Tools 
  • Skills for Managing Conflict 
  • Toxic Relationship Beliefs 
  • The Key Relationship Challenges 
  • The Stages of Relationship 
  • The Mother/Father Code 
  • The Mystery and Impact of Polarity 
  • Working with Sexuality, Pleasure & Intimacy 
  • The Love Factor 
  • Relationship Archetypes 
  • A Deeper Dive into Masculine and Feminine Psychology 
  • The Inner Work of Relationship 
  • Coaching Across Age Groups 
  • Breaking Up & Divorce 
  • The In-Between Times 
  • And much more… 


This Training is designed for established practitioners who are inspired to learn a holistic, cutting edge, heartfelt approach to relationship - one that brings together some of the best and most useful distinctions and tools that we have available to us today. The Training is recommended for:

The Training is recommended for:

Mind Body Eating Coaches

Health & Life Coaches


Marriage & Family Counselors

Healing Practitioners

Community Educators

Spiritual Mentors

Helping Professionals

It’s also great for anyone who simply wants to do a deeper dive into relationship dynamics, and learn a more soulful approach that can help you navigate your own relationship journey, and the unique experiences that your friends, family and loved ones have in this realm.


I felt like I could listen to Marc talk forever. In areas I'd not yet excavated in full or at all, the layers Marc uncovered were mind blowing, and earth shattering. I learned language for feelings and experiences that before had no name. I’ve gained a treasure chest full of nuggets of wisdom applicable in my professional interactions as well as personal. My relating to others, and relating to myself in my life has become deeper than I thought possible. My forgiveness, wells deeper. My love for my life... words cannot describe.

~ Jenna C. Johnson

Marc talks straight from the heart and has a fantastic sense of humour that really resonates and helps you to relate to the material. The IPE support team were so helpful, warm and welcoming! Thank you so much for helping me to realize my gift and purpose in the world!

~ Claudia Knight

I'll never forget the first time I heard Marc David speak. He spoke with such passion and deep understanding. I was blown away by the amount of wisdom and deep insight that this man, Marc David, has absorbed through his practice and life experiences.

~ Patrick West

Marc David’s calming, caring voice and words of wisdom filled my entire being with love, understanding and acceptance! No one has ever talked to me like this!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Your wisdom has grounded me and made me focus on what is truly important in life. We are all special, unique and precious human beings on planet earth to enjoy our journey by being grateful; to embrace "love of self" and share love with others.

~ Kari Messner

The format of the program worked well for me. I loved being able to listen to the audios at my convenience. Marc, your words of wisdom are priceless. But, honestly, the most transformation arose from the journaling exercises. I was forced to dig deep. This is where I found the most growth and opportunities to evolve.

~ Lori Lippert

I will always remember Marc's passion for the teaching, his care to ensure essential information was repeated, the wisdom of his case studies, and his good humor in relaxing into the material. As a spiritual counselor, I deeply appreciate Marc’s emphasis on soul lessons. 

~ Stephen Dynako


These are just a few of the many ways you can put this education to great use:  

  • Strengthen your background as a Mind Body Eating Coach by enhancing your ability to work with one of the key factors behind today's food and body challenges
  • Help your clients with relationship concerns such as communication, fighting, arguing, lack of connection or intimacy, separation, breaking up, divorce, and other major transitions
  • Increase your awareness of the unique challenges facing women, men, and various age groups - and support your clients and loved ones in transforming their struggles in these areas
  • Expand your already-existing professional practice with a new and in-demand skill set
  • Have more to offer your clients as a health or life coach
  • Augment your practice as a fitness, massage, energy work, or yoga professional
  • Help your clients see a deeper, more effective and more conscious way to be in relationship
  • Assist your clients in getting unstuck with their stubborn relationship concerns
  • Coach people to see the relationship distinctions that may be unconsciously driving their behavior and choices
  • Teach others about the key archetypes that shape our social roles and how we can benefit from working consciously with these energies
  • And certainly, transform your own relationships through the consciousness-based wisdom, tools, and techniques provided in the Training.


We set out to create a relationship training that would be time efficient, high value, and deliver as much actionable content as possible, while staying true to the special and exquisite nature of human relationship. And we also wanted to create a holistic Training that incorporates a true mind, body, heart and soul approach to this beautifully complex topic. 

So much of what’s out there when it comes to professional online relationship programs focuses on “behavior change.” This approach is quite limited, as we humans are far more than a collection of behaviors. We’ve got a heart, we’ve got feelings, we have beliefs, we have a rich and complex history, and so many of us have a connection to a higher power. The Conscious Relationship Training addresses the many faceted aspects of human relating in an approach that empowers you to help your clients in a meaningful way. 

What’s more, this training sees the challenges that come up in a relationship not as an indication that things are broken and need to fixed, but as a healthy sign that growth, learning and discovery are ready to happen. 

More distinguishing features of the Training:

  • Inspired by a variety of different approaches, disciplines, systems and experts
  • Teaches you how to help your client better navigate their relationship challenges 
  • Focuses on bringing tools, practices, and breakthrough insights into relationships
  • Designed for already practicing professionals in the coaching and helping professions
  • Includes important distinctions from psychology, cultural studies, personal development and a variety of relationship philosophies
  • Helps you decipher the important relationship factors around your client’s age group and archetype

When it comes to working with relationships, practitioners often go through many years of education to become a licensed psychologist, counselor, or clinical social worker. And for good reason: addressing relationship challenges is a deep and complex endeavor. While The Conscious Relationship Training is not intended to replace formal psychotherapeutic training, it is a wonderful augment that is rarely delved into in traditional programs.


The Conscious Relationship Training is released at the end of your Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. Once you've completed the main Training, you'll be given immediate access to all materials for The Conscious Relationship Training.

We recommend that you complete one session per week - that is a good pace for most people to absorb and integrate the material. But again, it's entirely up to you how quickly - or slowly - you choose to move through the program.

The Conscious Relationship Training consists of the following:

  • 5 core modules with 4 sessions per module for a total of 20 sessions
  • A transcript of each session as an additional reference
  • Handouts and exercises relating to each session’s topic
  • Email support as needed




Week 1: Introduction to Conscious Relationship

  • The 15 core principles of conscious relationship
  • The importance of relationship for human survival and thriving 
  • Why relationship is exquisitely designed to help us grow and learn
  • The surprising, true purposes of being in relationship 
  • How the work we do on self and in our own relationships can help to heal the world

Week 2: The Challenge of Relationship

  • Why challenge is inherent in human relationships - and why it’s a good thing
  • The 14 most common toxic relationship beliefs 
  • How toxic relationship beliefs impact our clients
  • The beauty of paradox as a key quality of relationship
  • How we can “graduate” from a relationship that’s no longer serving us

Week 3: Relationship Archetypes

  • The power of archetypes and how they can help us navigate relationship
  • Why two partners may experience one relationship very differently
  • Discerning the natural lifespan of different types and stages of relationships
  • Knowing when to dig in and when to let go
  • Why your own intuition is important to your coaching work, and how you can develop your intuitive abilities

Week 4: The Mother/Father Code

  • How our parents’ unfinished business can shape our relationships
  • Understanding the unique gifts, challenges, and insights of each generation
  • Why we need to develop compassion for our parents so we can live our best lives as adults (and how to do it)
  • Our powerful capacity to bring healing to our lineage
  • Why we seek out partners who share characteristics with our parents

Week 5: The Mystery and Impact of Polarity

  • What is polarity and how does it drive our relationships?
  • Problems that can arise when couples become depolarized
  • Practical techniques for helping people reestablish their relational polarity
  • Specific exercises you can use coaching women and men dealing with relationship challenges that involve polarity issues

Week 6: The Love Factor

  • What do we really mean when we talk about love, and why is it so important?
  • How popular phrases and folk wisdom can reveal our hidden beliefs about love 
  • Key distinctions that can help us expand our definition and understanding of love
  • Practitioner tools and skills for working with the challenges of the love factor
  • How to identify and avoid some of the most common traps when it comes to love
  • The future of love

Week 7: Men - A Deeper Dive

  • Understanding masculine psychology
  • A new definition of healthy masculinity and specific challenges men face in the modern era
  • The most common personal challenges faced by men, and how to support your clients in these areas
  • Practical coaching techniques for helping men step more fully into their potential
  • Navigating what men want and what they need in the context of relationship

Week 8: Women - A Deeper Dive

  • The unique and complex challenges facing women today, and how to help your clients overcome them
  • Understanding women's needs and desires in relationship and intimacy
  • "The Mystery of the Sexes"
  • The key importance of life stage archetypes, plus practical tools for empowering your clients of all ages
  • Tools and strategies for supporting women clients

Week 9: Sexuality, Pleasure, and Intimacy

  • Why it’s hard for so many people to talk about sexuality - and how to help your clients get comfortable with the conversation
  • What is sexual energy, and how do we navigate it in a healthy way?
  • The deeper questions that can help your clients uncover their unconscious beliefs about sex
  • Culture and sexuality: what can we use, and what can we let go of?
  • The impact of sexual wounding
  • Sexuality as a form of nourishment for the heart and soul
  • Educating your clients about how to communicate with their partner about sexuality

Week 10: The Inner Work of Relationship

  • How the inner work we do with ourselves sets the true foundation for success in relationship
  • Teaching your client to tap into their personal sources of inspiration
  • Finding the higher purpose and wisdom in relationship challenges
  • The most common obstacles to inner work - and how to overcome them
  • Nine key areas of inner work that will help your client create the relationship they want

Week 11: Cycles and Stages of Relationship

  • Common stages that many relationships go through and what drives us in each stage
  • Recurring cycles in relationship and how to work with them
  • Practical exercises for maximizing the cycles and stages in relationship
  • The often-underrated role of hormones and body chemistry in the process of emotional bonding
  • The surprising ways that soul contracts can shape our connections with others

Week 12: Conflict, Part 1

  • Discovering the hidden brilliance of conflict and how it can enrich your relationship
  • Unpacking the common misconceptions about conflict
  • The 6 universal conflict principles
  • Learning to hold space for your client’s conflicts and challenges
  • Key skills that will enable your clients to better handle conflict in their relationships

Week 13: Conflict, Part 2

  • Rules of engagement that can turn a fight into a transformational experience
  • Techniques for uncovering the root causes of conflicts
  • The importance of understanding the deeper yearnings that drive us
  • Practical and effective strategies for working with conflict in loving and empowering ways

Week 14: Breaking Up

  • Why we need to re-think our cultural values around breakups
  • The importance of taking the time and effort to end relationships in a conscious way
  • Effective, heartfelt coaching techniques for helping your clients move through a breakup and find new possibilities on the other side
  • Why breakdowns are important and how they help move us forward
  • The profound value of the grieving process
  • Powerful tools for working with divorce

Week 15: The In-Between Times

  • The value of intentional alone time
  • How the choices we make when we’re single powerfully inform our relationships
  • Understanding the range of needs your client may experience after a relationship ends - and helping them design a self-care plan
  • Coaching your client to learn and grow through the most common lessons and challenges of single life
  • Practical and insightful approaches to dating after a relationship ends

Week 16: Coaching Across Age Groups and Archetypes, Part 1

  • How working with life-stage archetypes can quickly unlock your client’s personal empowerment
  • Understanding what deeper needs are driving your male and female clients at different ages - and how to help your clients get what they need to thrive
  • The importance of creating a safe space for your clients to release toxic cultural beliefs
  • Learning to switch between roles for maximum effectiveness as a practitioner
  • Specific ways to support young women clients as they explore their life path and purpose

Week 17: Coaching Across Age Groups and Archetypes, Part 2

  • The impact of toxic cultural beliefs for young men - and how to help your clients release them
  • Helping your client navigate contradictory moral codes and discover their own inner guidance
  • Insights and exercises designed to support young men clients in finding their way through the challenges of life 
  • Key conversations to have with your younger male clients about sexuality, power and relationship
  • How to enhance your effectiveness by being your client’s greatest advocate

Week 18: Coaching Across Age Groups and Archetypes, Part 3

  • Owning our desires as a winning strategy for increasing our happiness
  • Distinguishing true wisdom from cultural messages that might be holding us back
  • Why we need to help women in their 40s and beyond let go of princesshood and embrace their inner queen
  • Practical strategies for coaching people to release outdated beliefs that are no longer serving them
  • Helping your clients step into their power by uplifting others 

Week 19: Coaching Across Age Groups and Archetypes, Part 4

  • How to help your male clients unlock their inner potential at middle age and beyond
  • Coaching older men to understand and embody their true power for good
  • Understanding the unique challenges that men face as they move into their king years - and how to overcome them
  • Why men need to practice self care for body, mind and spirit
  • Proven techniques for helping your male clients find the gifts of every life stage

Week 20: Coaching Tips & Relationship Tools

  • Synthesis of core concepts from the Training
  • Key coaching skills and distinctions that will help you to be an effective practitioner
  • Why releasing our attachment to specific relationship outcomes allows us to truly stand with our clients through any circumstances that arise
  • Guidelines for coaching clients through some of the most common areas of relationship stress
  • More resources for further study 


When you enroll in the Winter (February) 2021 Term of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, your cost for The Conscious Relationship Training is $4,000 $0.

On completion of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, you'll receive a welcome packet for The Conscious Relationship Training, along with your reading list, handouts, and exercises that you can start using right away. You'll have immediate access to all Training materials, as well as support from the IPE support team when you need it.

We're proud of The Conscious Relationship Training and we know it will only enhance your skills and marketability as a helping professional. Included for free as a Winter 2021 Mind Body Eating student, you'll receive an incredible value that will give you an extra edge in your career and professional development.


Human beings are creatures of relationship, and there’s just no way around it. We need each other, we desire each other, and in many ways, we become better people because of our significant relationships. 

But we also know that the relationship journey is not always so easy, and that’s why we need help. 

One doesn’t need to be a lifelong relationship professional to help people in this area. Each one of us comes with a unique wisdom, our own life experience, and some valuable lessons and insights that we’ve learned from our own relationship journey. 

This Training will help you turbocharge your already existing relationship knowledge with the tools and distinctions you need to serve others in a skillful, meaningful and powerful way. 

Further, it will give you essential insights into one of the key drivers behind today's food and body challenges - making it a perfect complement to your training as a future Mind Body Eating Coach.

Regardless of your professional and personal background, The Conscious Relationship Training will elevate, inspire, and take your practice (and life) to a whole new level.

And it's yours - for free - when you enroll in the Winter 2021 Term of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training!

If you have any questions about The Conscious Relationship Training, please reach out to my team at info@psychologyofeating.com.

My warmest regards, 

Marc David 
Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating



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