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Discover tools and techniques that are revolutionizing the health professions...

Are you curious about what it could be like to become an Mind Body Eating Coach? Would you be interested in launching a great new career, OR if you’re already a helping professional, would you like to turbocharge your existing practice with a cutting edge set of skills?

Millions of people are ready for real and lasting solutions for concerns such as weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestive challenges, immunity, fatigue, mood and more.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in our Mind Body Eating Certification Training.  

You’ll learn to help others transform their relationship with food using our cutting edge approach that’s based on an eating psychology for everyone.

As a Mind Body Eating Practitioner, you have an unprecedented opportunity to make a powerful difference!

Here at the Institute, we’re especially proud of how our work has been life changing for so many people around the globe. That’s because we teach an eating psychology for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more, then this new e-book series is a great next step.  

In this 4 Part Series, Marc David, Founder and CEO of the Institute, discusses what the possibilities can be for you as an Eating Psychology Practitioner. You’ll also learn uplifting and inspiring content that you can use right away in your own personal life or professional practice.

Get Your FREE 4 Part E-Book Series & learn to help others transform their relationship with food. 

Yes I Want My FREE E-Book & Video Series!

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training

An 8 month, 250 hour, online distance learning program that you can take from anywhere in the world. Our graduates are skilled and confident, and we’d love for you to see why they’re so enthusiastic about this one-of-a-kind Training.

Our positive and uplifting approach combines 2 exciting new fields developed by Marc David: Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition.

Dynamic Eating Psychology 

A positive, empowering and transformational approach to our relationship with food that’s designed for anyone who eats. Dynamic Eating Psychology affirms the importance of this relationship. It holds that food has important lessons to teach us if we choose to listen. It recognizes that our eating challenges are intimately connected to all of what makes us human – relationship, family, work, sexuality, spirituality, our search for fulfillment, and much more. And it sees our concerns with food and body NOT as an indication that we’re broken, but as a powerful opportunity to grow and evolve. Dynamic Eating Psychology is essentially your food and body STORY.

Mind Body Nutrition

The study of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning and all the nutritive functions of the body are impacted by mind, emotions and lifestyle. It’s the psychophysiology of how thoughts, feelings, beliefs, stress, relaxation, pleasure, awareness and more directly influence how we metabolize a meal. It shows us how what we eat is half the story of good nutrition. The other half of the story is who we are as eaters. In other words, our personality literally and scientifically drives our nutritional metabolism.

Discover Tools and Techniques that are revolutionizing the health professions

Book 1: The Power of Eating Psychology

  • A fascinating big picture overview of the challenges we face with food, body &&health
  • Compelling statistics and research that highlight the problems of weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, endless dieting, emotional eating, and more
  • An introduction to the exciting new field of Dynamic Eating Psychology and how it can make a big difference in transforming our unwanted eating concerns
  • A powerful discussion about weight and some of the hidden nutritional, psychological and metabolic factors that must be considered for lasting success
  • A deeper dive into overeating and the mix of unexpected factors that can help manage this concern like never before
  • A fresh look at digestive concerns and how to use Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition to empower digestion in a whole new way  

Book 2: A Whole New Relationship With Food

  • How the new field of Mind Body Nutrition is revolutionizing the way we understand nutrition. Hint: It’s not just what we eat, but who we are as eaters
  • The fascinating science of how the mind creates stress chemistry, and the profound impact this has on appetite, digestion, assimilation, and calorie burning capacity
  • How the thoughts we think directly influence nutritional health via the placebo effect
  • Insights for creating your metabolic reality by understanding and working with your inner world and emotions
  • Where this unique body of work came from and how it has impacted and the personal stories behind it all
  • How our eating challenges can be used to powerfully fuel our personal development, rather than have them be enemies that are here to bring us down  

Book 3: Breakthrough Coaching Skills

  • The little known Cephalic Phase Digestive Response – the “head phase” of digestion – and the how mind scientifically impacts digestion, assimilation, calorie burning and appetite regulation
  • The simple science of pleasure chemistry and how it positively influences nutritional metabolism, weight, and natural appetite regulation. You’ll never see pleasure in the same way again!
  • Intriguing real life case studies that illustrate how eating psychology and nutrition can synergize to create powerful breakthroughs
  • Why our challenges with food are way more than just about food, and how they originate from deeper places that are calling for our attention
  • The fascinating phenomenon of “Non Caloric Weight Gain” – what it is, what causes it, and why we must know about it when it comes to effective weight loss strategies
  • How the standard approach to managing our eating challenges – fighting and attacking them – is a dead end strategy – and the secret to creating a successful program to break free from any food or body concern  

Book 4: Turn Your Passion Into Professional Success

  • How to join a whole new movement that’s forever changing the way the world understands food, body and health
  • How the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is at the forefront of this new movement, and how you can benefit from it
  • How you can launch a lucrative new career powerfully helping others with this unique and results driven approach
  • Or how you can forever transform your own relationship with food with Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition  

Help others with Food, Body, Weight, & More

If you’re interested in launching a great new career as a Mind Body Eating Coach, or if you’re ready to turbocharge your already existing professional practice with a cutting edge set of skills, then please check out this great series. We think you’ll enjoy and benefit from this great content!

Who Am I and Why You Should Listen To Me 

Marc David, M.A. is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating; a leading visionary, teacher, and consultant in Nutritional Psychology; and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. He has held senior consulting positions at Canyon Ranch Resorts, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the Johnson & Johnson Corporation, and the Disney Company. Marc worked in product development in the natural foods and supplements industry, combining expertise in clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and natural health. He also served on the editorial board of the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. His humorous, engaging, and informative speaking style has made him a popular and well-loved presenter, and his non-dogmatic approach to nutrition appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for positive, inspiring, and innovative messages about food and metabolism. Marc’s work has been featured on CNN and NBC, and in publications such as The New York Times, Chicago Times, McCall’s, Glamour, Elle, Utne Reader, Yoga Journal, WebMD, and numerous others. His books have been translated into nine languages. Marc has presented at a long list of professional settings including Harvard University, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Omega Institute and many more. Marc earned his M.A. at Sonoma State University and trained at the Harvard Mind Body Medical Institute. He lives in Boulder, CO.

Success Stories from our Community

"This is a whole new approach to eating and food issues using love, acceptance, learning how to evoke the relaxation response, and so much more. It has changed my entire relationship with food at this late stage of my life. This program has finally ended my preoccupation and obsession with food and dieting and even how I look. It has allowed me to be joyfully present in the moments of my life without the scrim of misery that always used to separate me from living. I am eating healthfully and without any restrictions whatsoever. My weight is normalizing and I feel such freedom from the pain I've lived with around these issues for most of my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with food, eating and body image issues. It will change your life."

~Susie Bedsow Horgan

"Before becoming a full time mom I worked as a registered dietitian for seventeen years. I have a masters degree in transpersonal studies and metaphysics. I found Marc's program to be the perfect blend of science, psychology, and spirituality. The course wove these three threads of life beautifully with a powerful message of self love. I highly recommend this course for all looking to explore their relationship with food. Thank you, Marc, for being a part of the journey of life for so many."  

~Rosemary Kelly

"I believe divine intervention led me to the Transform Your Relationship with Food online program. Eight weeks later… my eyes have been opened. The lessons I'm learning are life-changing. My scale is gone. Calories are no longer important. Apps on my smartphone have been deleted. I feel free, liberated, relaxed, and most important, hopeful. I'm beginning to listen to and trust my amazingly beautiful body. During the program, truths were spoken that have been bottled up for years. With the extra energy, I have been exploring and developing my spiritual relationship with God. The format of the program worked well for me. I loved being able to listen to the audios at my convenience. Marc, your words of wisdom are priceless. But, honestly, the most transformation arose from the journaling exercises. I was forced to dig deep. This is where I found the most growth and opportunities to evolve. If you are looking for a breakthrough around your relationship with food, THIS IS IT! The program was transformational for me and if you are willing to put in the effort, it can be for you too."  

~Lori Lippert, RDN 

"Marc's program has changed my life. Imagine finally being free. Free from your struggles with food and weight. Free to just live - to be the real you, to have love and joy in your life. So many of us want this, but feel we are not allowed to have it. Messages from our past, and from society, have taught us that we are not allowed to feel happy about ourselves until we are good enough - and we won't be good enough until we are skinny enough. Imagine finding out that not only is it okay to love and accept yourself right now as you are, it is necessary for finally achieving a sustainable transformation. Love, acceptance, and kindness towards self is Step 1, not the prize at the end. Imagine a philosophy that teaches how slowing down and relaxing into life, body, and your inner power is key. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Starving ourselves, bingeing and overeating, beating ourselves up, then starting all over again has not worked. So why not try this? You are worth it."  

~Sandy Macklem

"I took Marc's program because I have had digestive issues since 2013. I’ve tried so many things, but nothing has really helped until I realized that one of my problems was that I was really stressing about food. Food was my enemy. I was really confused. I didn’t know what to eat anymore. I am so glad that I took the program, not just because my relationship with food has changed, but because I have also changed… in so many ways. The program makes you rethink your life and guides you step by step to find your inner wisdom and claim your power back. I was going from doctor to doctor, from therapist to therapist, and was trying to be fixed; I felt broken. For me, the strongest revelation in the program was that “I am not broken… there is nothing to be fixed. I’m a perfect imperfect human learning on this planet.” I feel free from the limits I was putting on myself. My digestive issues have improved, I feel happier and I am not afraid of food anymore. I can choose better, and I can also listen to my body better. I loved to listen to Marc and be inspired. He was clear, direct and supportive. He gave you a lot of material, but at the same time he gave you the freedom to think for yourself and find your own truth. I would recommend this program to everybody, not only if someone has food issues. It is life-changing! Thank you very much!!"  

~Patricia Schebsdat

"I found tremendous benefit from the program! I do a lot of city driving in a stressful area and have found that I'm much more relaxed in traffic now. A great side effect of the program! I have spent a lot of my life in self-loathing… my mom was an effective teacher in that respect. I feel a whole lot more love for myself, patience with myself, and more love for the people around me as well. I'm eating much healthier, doing salads with lots of raw veggies for dinner, making my own dressings. I wholeheartedly recommend this program for anyone looking to have a healthier relationship with food and their body! Thank you Marc! You've changed my life." 

~Bonnie Little

"Transform Your Relationship with Food came into my life at just the right time. I've been in an ongoing troublesome relationship with food and my body for almost fifty years. Brought up in a home where "you can never be too rich or too thin" was the watchword, I started dieting and binging in my early teens. I never really had a good example to follow for a healthy relationship with food, much less one that was in any way connected to a Higher Purpose, Growth, or Learning. DIETING and anorexia and bulimia became part of my daily life for thirty years. My therapist suggested I try eating whatever I wanted and stopping when I was full, but it wasn't until I found this program that I got the skills and guidance to actually access the ability to do so. The audio presentations were wonderfully helpful. I journaled and took notes on everything Marc said. I did all of the exercises and couldn't wait for each week and each new "homework assignment." I felt a growing sense of power, especially from the concepts of slow eating and the relaxation response. I truly believe now that I am on a never ending journey in which I will not be perfect. I learn every day and work on spending the new energy I have on giving my gifts to the world." 

~Joan Barber

"I cannot say enough about the 8 week online class Transform your Relationship with Food. I knew after the first week that it was the missing piece in my weight loss journey. After countless attempts for well over 20 years (and really longer), I believe your program has provided the necessary tools to address the real issues surrounding food. It was definitely synchronicity when I discovered your transformative program. Thank you thank you!" 

~Amy Berkes-Cox

"I have been dieting for past 30 years and also tried exercising, but it was all in vain. Then I joined Transform Your Relationship with Food to help me with my health problems as well as eating challenges. This program was very powerful as it taught me a lot of things and made me reflect upon my own behaviour. The videos and articles were very informative. The journalling questions were also very beneficial. Since taking this program, I have started listening to my body. I eat what I like and I'm trying to know what should I eat according to my condition (diabetes). I never knew that my body spoke to me and told me what to eat and what not to eat. I am happy and no longer worried about my weight. I know and understand that it will become manageable slowly and eventually. I have come to accept and love my body, as a beautiful soul lives within it. I am deeply thankful for your contribution and efforts, as because of you I have started living a healthy life." 

~Nevin Rupani

"When I first heard about the program I immediately assumed it was not for me. But I've been on a journey of holistic nutrition and doing a lot of self work to get out of my own way. And something I've learned from that search is that usually what we deny ourselves and build walls against, is exactly what we are missing in our life. So I took a second look at the program, and although I'm not a binge eater, nor have I struggled to lose extra pounds, there was something between the lines. I knew it was for me. I decided to take the program. I thought, "What can I lose?" And, man, did I learn more than a few things about myself, about food, and about our relationship with nutrition and the true meaning of nourishing. I will recommend this program to anyone, no matter what path of your life you are in." 

~Pamela Wasabi

"I am listening to my enteric self and changing things about a bit. I am looking at foods with curiosity and body wisdom. I’m on a journey of learning what my unique body is asking of me - a journey in progress with continuing support from my TYRF facebook friends. I’m accepting that the love, compassion, and care, which I give out so readily to others, is for me too. Weight loss is insignificant but I’ve actually lost 2 UK dress sizes since commencing TYRF and no longer count points! I would recommend this experiential 8 week course. I’m 63 years old now and love each day. Thank you for all that you do." 

~Val Cady

"I have had a rocky relationship with food for as long as I can remember. Being that I'm 59, that's quite a long time. I've used food as my mother, comforter and protector; on the other hand, it has been my master and slavedriver. I have gauged my success and worthiness as a human being based on how well do with controlling my eating and weight. I came into TYRF looking for freedom. I have received the gift of a journey and the support I need to take this journey one baby step at a time. The lectures are amazing. Marc David has such insight into the psyche of the eater that it's mind boggling. As I've listened, I've found myself emphatically agreeing over and over again. The journaling questions encourage a lot of deep probing." 

~Devorah Shulman

"I found the class so enlightening and spot-on that I decided to go through the whole thing again. I am a stay-at-home mother of five children, and I am deeply grateful that you have chosen to share this message in a platform that is accessible to me in my home and on my phone so that I can listen as I go about my life. Your lessons resonate with me on a deep level. You have identified key issues that shape my relationship with food and my body. You have acknowledged the war on self that so many of us are engaged in - the pursuit of an ever-elusive ideal of perfection. It is a deeply paralyzing way of living, that steals our joy and our energy for life. You have connected the dots for me and taught me the importance of accepting what IS and working with that, rather than waiting for life to begin after I become perfect. Thank you so much for the love and generosity you pour into your work. I would like to be able to help other people in a similar fashion." 

~Kathy Holecek

"I have completed the 8 week Transform your Relationship with Food program and I want to say that it is a game changer! I had a food challenge of 25 years - bulimia, which I have recovered from, so I know very intimately how our false beliefs about ourselves, our body and our life can keep us in a destructive cycle. This program has taken my personal experience and my knowledge to another level. It is without a doubt the most inspiring, life affirming program I have ever done. Marc has a sincere desire to feed you with the truth about food, nutrition, body image and the truth of who you are. If you a ready to transform your relationship with food and body image and you no longer want to be a victim of your story, then this program is for you. It will illuminate your way, and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel." 

~Mary Paleologos

"My challenge starting the program was being afraid of food. I became sick 8 years ago and developed over a dozen food allergies. After years of gut issues, I only trusted a small handful of foods and lost my love of food. After listening to you explain that it's okay to try and fail, I have started to slowly incorporate different foods into my diet. So far, so good. It has helped me to slow down and learn to be in a state of gratitude. A work in progress. I am more optimistic about my life with food and life in general. The delivery was spot on. You don't sugar coat things. You tell us that it's trial and error and don't get upset if something did not work out the way we wanted. I am not used to hearing that it's okay to fail, But I needed to hear that.Thank you! I would recommend this to others because I believed everything you said and that it will work. When it works for me, then the proof will be in the pudding and I will preach it from the mountain tops." 

~Neal Shirley

"There is a saying, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I know I have been ready to hear what Marc shares in Transform Your Relationship with Food since about age 10 when I was first introduced to the idea of needing to be thin to be beautiful, accepted and worthy of love. Like most of us today, my beliefs around body image have been a source of a lot of pain and suffering in my life. With clarity and compassion, this program has helped me in my journey to understand the beliefs and patterns I have around food and my body image. Instead of shame, self hate and perfectionism, I feel more empowered to trust and listen to my body wisdom and make choices with self love and self compassion that support a healthy me. I am grateful to Marc for appearing in my life and sharing his wisdom." 

~Ellen Busche

"Coming into the program, my main challenge was learning how to eat 'normally' after having restricted myself according to calories for the majority of my life and having had borderline anorexia. Since I've started recovering, I've been very frequently overeating due to past restriction and some residue habits, and I have uncovered an emotional component to the overeating too. Now that I've finished the program, I have been able, for the first time in my life, to trust my body and listen to it. This program has helped me tremendously in my life. In fact, it has completely changed my life for the better, and I genuinely mean that! It has made me live a life I never imagined I could ever live in a million years -I've learned so many crucial life skills like loving myself and treating myself much more kindly than I've ever known how. The program was very helpful, and I genuinely looked forward to every week's content. The content was superb, and the exercises were thought-provoking, relevant and well thought-out. I would recommend this program to others because in the process of working out your eating challenges, it will work out all other areas of your life too. In other words, this program will improve your quality of life as a whole, as Marc's content looks at each one of us holistically and with such great energy and intentions." 

~ Tamara Ali  

"The Transform Your Relationship with Food course has been so inspiring, uplifting, loving, eye-opening, empowering and much more. I have loved every moment of this course. My challenge is an autoimmune disease that stopped my ability to work 10 years ago. Since my diagnosis I have been researching for the "perfect" diet to cure my disease. What foods to eat so I will be whole again. I have been on a merry-go-round for many years believing that the right combination of food is going to cure my disease. This has led me to binge eating which I have never experienced before, compulsive thoughts, attempting to control everything I did or didn't do right according to many well-meaning nutritional experts on the Internet. I have gained weight in the process. Today after completing this course I no longer compulsively research food, yay!!! I am learning to let go of the "right" "perfect" diet. My energy is better, I am inspired to find work that I can do with my health just the way it is. I am learning to listen to my body. What do I need? it's not always food. The support group has been beyond my expectations such loving, supportive responses from Marc David's team of professionals and the people who shared their experiences while taking this course. All these connections have help me to feel like I am not alone and I am accepted no matter where I am on this journey. I highly recommend this course to all who want to live a more peaceful, loving life. Marc David is a knowledgeable, gentle, loving, straightforward talker, easy to follow, simply beautiful person. I honestly believe this course is a life changer.. Thank you so very much!" 

~ Terri VanSambeek  

"I started this program because I was concerned about my emotional binge eating habits. I was aware that I was using food as a way to numb out a flurry of thoughts, emotions, memories and planning, particularly after coming home from work. After completing the program, I now see that my eating pattern was a lot more complex than simply numbing out emotions from the day. I had a lot of unhealed childhood shame to process, and I recognized the negative self-talk and fear that kept me turning to food, rather than treating myself with true compassion. I now eat more slowly, allow myself to leave food on my plate, have compassion for myself if and when I eat to excess, remind myself of how awesome I am, give gratitude for my food and the daily gifts in life, and breath deeply during tough times. I am choosing love over fear. I enjoyed the journaling exercises for this program and supporting material. The Facebook group was a great place to share insights and get support as well. If you're ready to uncover the roots of your disordered eating patterns, this program will send you on a loving journey!" 

~ Katelyn Phelan  

"I am a 51 year old full-time housewife and carer for my 3 children, 2 are on the autistic spectrum. I have struggled with weight issues for over 20 years. Having tried all the diets, I found it impossible to lose even a pound and keep it off. I felt very stuck The course has given me a much better understanding of why I might be having these issues. I have so many new ways of approaching the problem, and I do feel I can make small changes to my lifestyle and diet which will bring about the permanent weight loss I am seeking. The biggest change I have noticed is in my self-esteem and how I view myself. I have begun to love myself again - buying new clothes, taking more care of my appearance, feeling more self worth. I am taking back my life and enjoying hobbies again. It is having an impact on those around me and I feel my personal relationships are improving more and more every day. The group support was priceless. I also appreciate having access to all the course materials to review and repeat lessons as I work through all the underlying issues. I no longer feel stuck, I feel renewed optimism that I can have a happy and fulfilled life - no matter what I weigh! I would recommend this course as it does not just focus on diet and exercise, but instead examines the causes of weight issues and how to work through those causes and not just apply a sticking plaster to the symptoms." 

~ Suzanne Green  

 "When I was introduced to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the idea of looking at food in a different way seemed intriguing. I had tried everything else out there, but nothing seemed to stick with me (except the extra weight). I was excited about starting the program. I knew my challenges with overeating and binging were “between my ears,” but I had never pursued support for that. I just kept trying one diet after another. The eight weeks of lectures were amazing. Marc captures the real needs that we as human beings have and explains how many of us fill those needs with food. The program encourages us to love ourselves, be kind to ourselves, and to progress through this new way of thinking in baby steps. The other amazingly helpful aspect of this program was the access to a private Facebook page where I could post about my frustrations, concerns, or celebrations. I always received support not only from other members, but from a coach as well. I would recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with their relationship with food. If you have been on myriad diets and “failed,” this program is for you. If you wonder why you eat the way you do, especially if you know it is unhealthy, this program is for you. If you look at your body and are disgusted by what you see, this program is for you. This program is a window through which you can climb to change your world into a more loving, dynamic, and happy place. A world we all deserve to live in." 

~ Ellen Stickney  

 "I am in my 50th year (having finally beaten bulimia 12 years ago). My ongoing issue has been continuing to struggle with binge/compulsive eating cycles and long standing body issues, since age 15. With 30+ years of various diets/fitness regimes/counselling approaches/books/audios etc., I had a good “toolbox” of tricks, but deep down I knew the answers I sought lay within me, not “out there” somewhere. I just didn’t know where to begin... And then I found Transform Your Relationship with Food. I was feeling overwhelmed in yet another meltdown over how I looked and how I ate (that is, healthily in the outside world and sugar binges in secret). Things are looking up for sure! The program gave me several “eureka” moments. Firstly, I am learning to love who I am NOW (inside and out) and see food as something nutritious to enjoy, something that feeds my natural appetite, and not something that I use to punish myself. Also, that it’s actually OK to eat food regularly, without guilt! I have had a better relationship with food in the past 8 weeks than the past 30+ plus years! Yes, I’ve also had not so good days with old binge habits, but have observed and watched my thinking mind and interrupted the negative language that always follows – I am slowly beginning to break the cycle. I’m treating each day with food and body as a personal experiment. I certainly recommend the program. It is way beyond dieting and how to fix eating problems. It can help you to reconnect with who you truly are as an individual (and eater). Marc delivers the course as an expert in his field but speaks as if he knows our pain around food and body image, and that is quite endearing and apparent in how he connects to his listeners with such congruence. The course is profound and takes you on your own personal journey that can enable you to find the answers you seek – right where they have always been – within! " 

~ Julie Davis  

"I thought about getting into the program for almost a year. I had doubts about how difficult it would be, or maybe it would be just another plan that wouldn't work. I didn't want to spend my time and money, but most of all I didn't want to be disappointed yet another time. A friend of mine told me about her experience with the coaching program and I saw how her attitude changed around food and body image. So I took my chance and registered. Since week one I realized that it was worth it, the time, the money, the hope of a new life. Every word has made an impact in my mind and soul. I begun a journey to change this aspect of my life that made me so miserable, took so much of my energy. I wanted to stop thinking about food, but I got so much more. I have seen into my soul, and I can easily say that I have modified every aspect of my life. It's not magic of course, not a quick fix; it is a journey that requires lots of work, soul searching, compassion towards oneself and others, and definitely being open to new strategies and beliefs. But I have found that it is a pleasant journey. The Facebook group was a great surprise and an excellent tool. The support is amazing and the Institute team's guidance took me (and others) to a greater level of connection with my feeling and experiences." 

~ Monica Memun  

"The Transform Your Relationship with Food program has opened my eyes to far more than my relationship with food. In taking the time to love and nurture myself, I feel better able to relate to others and support those I cherish most. I feel far more confident to try new foods and I am learning to love to cook and experiment. Eating is no longer something to be feared and controlled but to be enjoyed. I feel able to get on with my life; food is for nourishment and is no longer an obsession. The journaling exercises and practices have been a useful tool to reflect on my progress and I will continue to use them in the future. I would recommend this program to anyone who struggles to regulate their appetite and gives over more power to food than it deserves. For anyone who wants to make peace with themselves and be free from self-hate, guilt, and shame around their eating habits, this is the course for you. Thank you for giving me the insight to slow down, breathe deep, and be present in my own life. I feel comfortable in my own skin and am enjoying life's journey. I have thoroughly embraced being imperfect. Long may my relationship with food be harmonious." 

~ Bex Howells  

"Having been on a health path for over 25 years now, this program has been the most in-depth approach I have experienced in all I have done so far that is food related. Marc David has offered to me my bible of health, food, and a relationship with myself. Now, after this 8 weeks program, I experience myself, my life and the way I see food in a completely different way. What is powerful to me is that it keeps resonating and growing in me, bigger and bigger every day. I feel the material unconsciously growing its way into my system, and positive changes in my eating habits and diet are happening in an easy way, versus a place of “pushing” or “having to change” something. I highly recommend this program! Not only is Marc's content captivating... also I very much enjoy listening to his style of presentation. It captures my attention over and over again, and from the beginning to the end of each session I am 100% with him. That makes for a really easy way of learning! Anyone on this planet can get amazing benefits out of this program, since it's so deeply ingrained in your own personal growth! Although food and eating is the inroad, it really comes to seeing who you are in your life in a much more complex way. I wish this program would be part of all school curriculums, since it would give young people a chance to see themselves in a much different light. And this goes for all ages! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in deepening their relationship with themselves." 

~ Gitta Sivander  

"I began the Institute for the Psychology of Eating course in a state of desperation. I spent many years battling mysterious dietary problems, several autoimmune conditions, as well as adrenal problems. I spent more money that I can recall on supplements, went on every nutritional diet I could get my hands on and tried every alternative therapy out there - Rolfing, osteopathic doctors, Ayurvedic doctors, acupuncture, yoga, exercise. Still, nothing worked – my life was on hold while I waited for someone to fix me. This program finally provided me with the insight I had always known, but never was able to accept. Deep down, I suspected that there were components of my health issues that were not going to be able to be solved by “fixing my biochemistry.” As a scientist, it was hard to see that these very physical manifestations were somehow rooted in my mind. Now it is clear, very clear. I’m not perfectly healthy, but I am much happier and calmer. I love the concept of not seeing myself as broken and being able to live and enjoy my life. I am eternally thankful to this program for teaching a different story that allowed me to see that the responsibility lies on my shoulders and how that shift in thinking grants me the power to live the life I want to live. I hope others benefit as much as I have from this amazing program – we would be such an amazing society if this is how we all approached our health." 

~ Christine Sholar  

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