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Dear Friend, 

Is life calling you to be a healer, teacher, counselor, or coach? 

Are you inspired to step out of traditional forms of education and participate with like-minded learners at the cutting edge? 

Would you like to embark on a health coaching career doing the work you love, that truly serves others, and that’s based on the most advanced knowledge about eating on the planet? 

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Health coaching is a fast-growing industry. Leading experts predict that health coaches will take the place of doctors as champions of health and well-being. In fact, the movement’s already started!

Let me explain. 

Despite the billions of dollars poured into all kinds of programs to keep us healthy, traditional approaches to food and body problems don’t work. Here are some sobering facts: 

 • An estimated 108 million Americans are on a diet

 • Nearly 70% of American adults are classified as either overweight or obese

 • An unbelievable 99% of those who diet gain back the weight they lose within a year

 • Within a decade, 67% of the US population is projected to have some form of diabetes

• Approximately 75% of all diseases could be prevented with better nutrition

• 9 out of 10 US women are unhappy with their appearance

• 81% of 10 year old girls experience a fear of being fat

The bottom line is that we’re not getting healthier. We’re worse off than ever. Our solutions to these problems haven’t worked. It’s time for a change. We need to shift our paradigm and go beyond the failed methods of the past. We need to reach a new realm where food is no longer about deprivation, fear and dread, but rather a source of nourishment, vibrancy, and joy.


Before I tell you the good news that will go a long way towards solving our health and eating crisis, I want to let you know a bit about me.

My name is Marc David, and I’m the Founder and lead faculty member of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I’m a teacher and consultant in Eating Psychology and the author of the classic, groundbreaking and bestselling books Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. 

For over three decades, I’ve been an innovator in eating psychology and nutrition. I earned my M.A. at Sonoma State University in Psychology and trained at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine and SUNY Upstate Medical School.

I got into this work because as a young child I was profoundly unhealthy. In fact, I nearly died at a young age. This experience led me on a search for a cure … and to my extensive involvement in clinical nutrition, eating psychology, and different healing modalities.

I’ve held senior consulting positions at Canyon Ranch Resorts, the Johnson & Johnson Corporation, the Disney Company, and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I’ve also served on the editorial board of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 

My work has been featured on CNN and NBC, and in The New York Times, Chicago Times, McCall’s, Glamour, Elle, Yoga Journal, WebMD, and hundreds more publications. My books have been translated into over 10 languages. I’ve presented at a long list of professional settings, including Harvard University, the Institute for Functional Medicine, and The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. And I’ve mentored many of the luminaries in the fields of nutrition and natural medicine. 

I’ve personally logged thousands of hours working with people just like you over the last 35 years in a full range of nutrition and food challenges: weight concerns, body image struggles, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, weight loss resistance, eating disorders, digestive issues, mood concerns, fatigue, immunity, you name it. I founded the Institute as a way to channel my passion into an effective, uplifting, results-driven approach to the ever-increasing number of eating challenges and nutrition-linked health concerns facing all of us. 

I’ve been driven by one compelling question: How can we combine the best of nutritional science and eating psychology to serve people in a profound and truly effective way? To this end, I’ve originated two unique new approaches – Dynamic Eating Psychology™ and Mind Body Nutrition™. 

Amy Bondar

If you are looking to grow and evolve, both personally and professionally, look no further. The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is full of refreshing insights, cutting-edge nutritional wisdom and practical and powerful tools. This Training goes far beyond foundational nutrition. It soars into the heart and soul of the eater. It is an exploration into how we can transform our relationship with food, our bodies and ourselves, and help our clients to do the same. I have been practicing for 10 years and have never found this nutritional wisdom anywhere else. This course has inspired me, energized me, reignited the love for what I do and has made me a finer Nutritional Therapist and Coach. Marc David is truly a Nutritional Sage and one of the greatest mentors and teachers I have had on my journey.

Amy Bondar, Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Mind Body Eating Coach, Canada



Traditional approaches to healthy living leave out the missing ingredient - Dynamic Eating Psychology - that’s the key to conquering the battles of overeating, binge eating, endless dieting, and the myriad of related health consequences. I know that’s a bold statement, but I’ve spent the better part of 35 years researching why it’s true. In a nutshell, our entire approach to food is seriously flawed. 

I’ll tell you more about the missing ingredient in a bit, but first I want to share some good news. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is now enrolling students for our groundbreaking Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. The most advanced certification training of its kind, it provides you with the skill-set and confidence to build a lucrative business solving the most common and compelling eating concerns shared by so many people. 

The Institute’s Coach Certification Training is a premier professional program that enables health practitioners to finally help others master their health, fitness, and eating challenges while making a great living. In our Coach Certification Training, we put current findings and research from neuroscience, psychology and nutrition to work in our protocols and strategies. We train our practitioners to help catalyze much-needed breakthroughs with their clients. 

Here are some of the proven results you can expect:

  • Your clients experience real, sustainable transformation
  • You have a new and promising outlook on your career
  • You feel more confident and content
  • Your income grows more steadily and predictably
  • You become part of a new and exciting movement that’s sweeping the planet
  • You feel uplifted knowing that you’re doing good work in the world

I mentioned that health coaching is a fast-growing industry. People are finally realizing that a “one size fits all strategy” simply doesn’t work, and health coaches are leading the charge in a whole new approach to personalized wellness. Take a look at these eye-opening statistics about the coaching industry:


  • Health coaching is approximately a $2 billion a year business worldwide
  • Americans spend almost $900 million a year on coaching
  • The global market for weight loss is over $550 billion
  •  According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s 2015 survey, health coaching is the fastest growing career in the fitness industry
  •  Health and wellness coaches are more in demand than any other coaching specialization
  • Job postings list thousands of positions for health coaches at corporations, fitness centers, spas, yoga retreats, and similar organizations
  • More people understand the importance of a holistic approach and the need for personalized support

And the above figures don’t take into account the billions of dollars spent by corporations on health coaching. According to the Healthcare Trends Institute, “experts believe that personal, one-to-one health coaching is an important part of a successful, results-oriented employee wellness program. Why? Because they help people cope with preventable health risks that cost the US healthcare system hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

So if you’re ready to help others finally master their most pressing eating and health challenges, you don’t need to look any further. Our Coach Certification Training provides you with all the tools, resources, and support you need so that you can design an exciting and fulfilling career that is limited only by your imagination. 

The world needs you more than ever. 

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Maureen Wielansky

"When I first found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating I was floundering as a Holistic Health Coach, wondering if I had made a mistake. I loved what I was doing but something was missing, and my clients were not getting the long-term results that I had hoped for. I felt like a fake and a fraud and, as a result, the weight that I had fought so hard to release was coming back and I didn’t know why. During the Coach Training, I was finally given the tools I needed to succeed. As I finished my Mind Body Eating Coach Certification, I was able to step into my mission in total confidence that I can help women transform by sharing tools that allow them to heal and grow. Through my experience with the Institute I am continuing to heal myself and that healing makes my work with clients so powerful." 

Maureen Wielansky, Holistic Health + Mind Body Eating Coach


Gain a deep and practical understanding of eating psychology for all types of people 

Ready for a groundbreaking approach to health and food issues? At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we’re giving you the power to change lives through the exciting new field of Dynamic Eating Psychology. It’s a positive, generous, and life-affirming view of each individual’s relationship with food. It recognizes that eating challenges are intimately connected to all of what makes us human – relationships, family, work, sexuality, spirituality, and ultimately, our search for fulfillment.  

Through this Training, you’ll be able to understand concerns with food and body NOT as an indication that we’re broken, but as a powerful opportunity to grow and evolve. Though Dynamic Eating Psychology is applicable to those with eating disorders, it’s designed as an eating psychology for everyone who struggles with food and body challenges.

As a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, you’ll be able to apply lessons from this field to help real people solve their food and body issues.  

Complete Your Training Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re traveling, have a full-time career, are a busy parent, or you’re in a life transition, the Training is designed to easily fit your lifestyle. You can access the material on your computer, tablet, or smartphone—all you need is an Internet connection! This a user-friendly online experience makes learning effortless and enjoyable. Learn, grow, and advance your career – in your own time, and at your own convenience.  

Designed for easy accessibility, this unique training has produced certified health coaches in over 100 countries who set themselves apart through our distinctive blend of science and emotion. Many of our graduates have established virtual practices serving clients internationally with this unique approach. 

Get certified faster with an easy-to-use multimedia platform and direct support ...

Along with a comprehensive and exciting mix of video, audio, slideshows, handouts, notes, protocols, live Q&A classes, recommended readings, and exclusive online group, you’ll have lots of personal contact with me and with our caring and knowledgeable support team, helping you get the most out of your educational experience.  

Practical, authentic, inspiring, transformational, and fun, the core training is designed to involve 250 hours, spread out to just 8 hours a week over 32 weeks. After passing a short test at the end of each module, you'll become officially certified as a Mind Body Eating Coach!


The Institute’s Professional Coach Certification Training goes far beyond the scope of a basic nutrition certification. Our training in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition is the only one of its kind in the world. We offer this as a distance learning program that you can take online from anywhere, with a powerful curriculum that certifies you as a Mind Body Eating Coach. This unique professional training will leave you with a strong skill-set and the confidence to work with the most commonly seen and important eating concerns of our times: weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more. 

This fully approved and regulated Certification Training is delivered in 7 Self-Study Modules, released every 4-6 weeks over the course of 8 months.

Mind Body Nutrition

Be at the Cutting Edge with Mind Body Nutrition

This is an exciting and timely new approach that provides the missing ingredient to nutrition. What we eat is half of the story of good nutrition. The other half of the story is who we are as eaters. Mind Body Nutrition is the psychophysiology of how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, levels of stress and relaxation, our personal story and more profoundly impact our digestion, assimilation, calorie burning, and nutritional status. 

Enjoy a Teaching Style that’s Results Oriented

I’ve been teaching this unique body of work for over 35 years, and my approach incorporates insights, tools and strategies that work. Learn from powerful case studies, clear science, provocative ideas, and practical coaching techniques that deliver. Far too many nutrition trainings are dry and uninspired, and are taught by people who haven’t actually coached others. You’ll experience a style of learning that’s skills-intensive, full of wisdom, depth, and caring, and personally transformative.

Marc David Teaching
Reading List

Curated Recommended Reading List

Learn from an eclectic and highly informative collection of books written by some of the most respected leaders in the health and personal growth fields. The optional reading list is a great support for the learning process. We also provide suggested introspective exercises based upon these books to help facilitate personal development, while honing your professional skills.

All Materials and Handouts are Yours to Keep for Life

Review our powerful, transformative content anytime and anywhere. Audio files and handouts are easily downloadable and yours to keep for life! Come back to material you want to spend extra time with, and go deeper into the learning experience for years to come. Many of our students share that they re-listen to classes whenever they need a refresher or extra inspiration.

Handouts are Yours to Keep
Connection and Support

Connection and Support

One of our top priorities is that all of our students feel supported and connected. Because everyone begins and ends the Training at the same time, a wonderful sense of community is created. Lifetime relationships are made, professional alliances are forged, and students feel part of something greater. Our Student Services team is responsive and caring. You can email us anytime, reach out in our exclusive online group, or connect with me live during scheduled monthly live Q&A sessions.  

Private Online Community

As part of your training, you'll have access to an exclusive online group for you to engage with fellow students and Institute staff around training content. Staffed by our Certified Coaches, this is a great way to connect with the Institute team and your colleagues around the world. This exclusive online group will allow you to dive into course content, professional development, and your own relationship with food, while receiving support from peers and Institute staff.

Private Community
Lucrative Career

Grow a Lucrative Career with Flexibility and Freedom

Experience a career where you can be of real service while earning a rewarding income. Mind Body Eating Coaches can earn anywhere from $75 – $250 an hour in private practice. And career choices are endless. Our graduates work one-on-one; they teach; they work in corporations, clinics and health facilities; they build online businesses, and so much more. So whether you want to have your own private practice or work in a wellness organization, this program positions you perfectly to do the work you love.

Enjoy a Competitive Edge with a Unique Certification

As a Mind Body Eating Coach, you’ll have a unique set of skills that so many people are hungry for and are fascinated by. People are tired of the same old messages that don’t work. Our Training helps you stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. We’re the only school in the world that trains practitioners in an eating psychology for everyone. You’ll have the confidence to know that you’re doing groundbreaking work that sets you apart in a booming industry.

Unique Certification

Powerfully Tap into Your Gifts as a Healing Professional

It’s a beautiful and rare feeling to know that you’re accessing your deepest inborn gifts and giving them to the world. We’d love for you to have that experience. Unlike other trainings, we don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach. We want you to discover your unique style and talents as a helping professional. We’ve designed this training to bring out the best in you. We believe it’s time for each one of us to share our special gifts with the people who need them the most.

Develop Confidence to Work with Clients

Confidence is everything when working with clients. When you receive a great education, the poise and self-assurance to work with clients naturally results. We take special care to teach the kinds of skills that will help you work with clients that others might consider difficult. We also have a peer coaching program for you to practice virtual coaching throughout the Training. With tools, protocols, real case studies, and plenty of practice, you’ll be poised for success.

Develop Confidence
Help Others

Transforming Your Own Relationship with Food

Overcome your own challenges around food and health and use your experience to deliver compassionate, meaningful coaching to your clients. You don’t need to be perfect to help others – you simply need to have skill, care, and be one step ahead. You’ll discover how your own journey with food can be a powerful source of insight, putting you in position to truly serve and inspire your clients. This Training is designed to help you address your own food and health concerns, while learning to be an effective and skillful practitioner.

Join an Exclusive Network of Professionals

We love to help our graduates succeed. The Institute provides advanced trainings and offerings that you’ll be the first to know about. We have a private alumni support group where you can ask for support, receive feedback, and network with other professionals. We also have an optional online directory that graduates can join. This is a great way to expose your work and message to thousands of potential clients who are looking for support.

Network of Professionals

Live Q&A Sessions

This is a valuable and unique opportunity to interact directly with me and get your questions answered throughout the Training. I love connecting with each of you and making sure you get the support you need. I’ve been seeing clients for over 35 years and I know the ins and outs of what might come up. This is a chance for us to dive deep, get specific, and ensure that you’ll have the guidance you need as you work through the material. All classes are recorded for those who cannot attend live!

Done-For-You Forms & Marketing Copy 

For those of you who want to build a business, we’re committed to giving you the tools to succeed! We provide you with effective marketing and website copy to help you communicate your work and your message. We’ll give you copy that’s clear, catchy, and helps tell the world what this unique approach is all about. You’ll also receive essential intake questionnaires, client agreements and more to help you launch or elevate your practice.

Marketing Copy
Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching Program

In this optional part of the Training, we’ll match you with a fellow student so you can practice the skills you’re learning throughout the Training. Each module you’ll receive topics and discussion points to explore with your peer coach. All sessions are done over phone, Zoom, or Skype, and at your convenience.. This is a great opportunity to practice your skills, learn how to work with virtual clients, and connect with the material in a very practical way!

Certification Credential

All students, upon completion of the Training, are eligible to be certified as a Mind Body Eating Coach. You simply need to pass your module exams. Our curriculum has been professionally reviewed, and we are fully approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (Division of Private Occupational Schools) to certify students who successfully complete the Training. You may also qualify to receive CEUs from your preferred accrediting professional organization upon completion of the Training. If you have CEU questions, please email to inquire how our Training can help! We also suggest you reach out to your organization to further inquire about institution-specific CEU requirements.

Click To Apply Now! Enrollment Is Limited.


Julie Felsher

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has radically changed my life and has given my practice the cutting edge approach that so many of my fellow professionals desire, both for our clients and our business. Marc David’s brilliant appreciation of women's healing around food and body is unprecedented. It's easy to see why he is the world leader in mind-body nutrition... When you discover how the body, mind and soul really work together, the sense of liberation is one of the greatest gifts. If you want to become a force to be reckoned with and boost your business you must study with the Institute. You deserve it!

Julie Felsher, CHHC, CPT, Holistic Health Expert + Founder, Body Love

Julie Siegel

I can't even begin to describe how much the Certification Training has meant to me. Not only has it inspired personal changes in my life and my relationship with food, but I feel totally prepared to take on coaching clients - and I have a background in corporate finance, not nutrition OR coaching. There are really three components of the program: nutrition, psychology and business development, and you will learn enough information in all three of these areas to start a successful coaching business. People are fascinated with the concept of "the psychology of eating" and I have picked up several clients during the Training without doing anything other than having a conversation about what we were learning in our current module. Well worth the money on so many levels.

Julie Siegel, Mind Body Eating Coach

Danielle LeBeau

I have received so much healing through this Training that I feel like I am a more embodied whole functioning version of myself – better equipped to serve. One of the most important aspects of this Training that helped me decide to go through with it was the business coaching module. I’ve gone through a health educator program which taught me a lot of information – but didn’t give the support as I required in how to start a business. I am so grateful for the IMMENSE amount of support and LOVE I have received as a student and as a blossoming leader in this Training.

Danielle LeBeau, Registered Nurse


The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is built specifically to help you apply knowledge to the real world, while rooted in the best insights that science and psychology have to offer.  

You’ll learn a unique, practical, and eye-opening blend of eating psychology, holistic nutrition, mind body science, coaching skills, body-centered practices, cultural studies, transformational disciplines, and, for your future, business development training.  

Within those disciplines, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the most pervasive and important eating challenges like weight, body image, overeating, binge-eating, and chronic dieting. You’ll receive an in-depth study of the most common nutrition-linked health concerns like digestive issues, fatigue, immune challenges, and mood concerns. You’ll grow to have a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to a subject that is so often perceived as one-dimensional.

Weight Concerns

Through the lens of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, you’ll learn basic and advanced coaching and counseling techniques, mastering an in-depth series of maps and checklists that shed new light on this complex challenge.  

Body Image

With a fresh, results-oriented approach to body image and self-esteem challenges, you’ll gain confidence in your listening and coaching skills to help others see and experience their bodies in a more healthy and compassionate way.

Overeating, Binge Eating, Emotional Eating

In our truly holistic approach, you’ll be able to help others achieve breakthroughs with compulsive and emotional eating concerns using easy-to-practice tools and techniques that promote a positive and nourishing relationship with food.

Chronic Dieting

You’ll learn to identify and work to solve chronic dieting, a hidden contributor to deeper emotional pain and compounding health symptoms that can often go wrongly diagnosed or incorrectly treated.

Energy and Fatigue

While many common strategies to battle fatigue leave us feeling even more exhausted, here you’ll master an integrative mind, body, heart, and soul approach to combating lack of energy and its long-term physical consequences.

Digestive Health

You might know that digestive distress, heartburn, bloating, and ongoing discomfort are some of the most commonly seen nutrition issues, but what you’ll learn are simple and effective strategies for increasing digestive power and function.

Mood Concerns

As mood is a crucial health indicator, you’ll gain practical, holistic and effective solutions that show how fluctuations in mood are actually calling attention to key metabolic and lifestyle changes our bodies are crying out for.

Immune Health

A strong immune system is both a gift and a rarity these days, so you’ll learn to navigate a toxic and challenging world with greater ease and pass that knowledge on to promote healthy immune function for all.

Coaching Skills

You’ll acquire the tools, techniques, protocols and strategies that will make you a trusted practitioner, and one who truly makes a difference for your clients by getting to the heart of how to successfully transform their relationship with food.

That’s just a small taste of what you’ll learn. My promise to you is that when you put the tools, skills and insights we give you into practice, you can build a career that truly flourishes. We pride ourselves on this being not only an inspiring experience, but a Certification Training that launches successful careers in a booming industry.

Submit Your Application to the Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification!


Optional Business Development Training Module

Many of you who enroll in our Coach Certification Training have your own business or are looking to start one. We’ve got great news on both fronts. Because we’re truly committed to your success as a professional, we include a comprehensive Business Development Module at NO extra cost. We know that this is the missing piece for so many people. While you’re developing your skills in Mind Body Eating Coaching, you also need the most current tools and up-to-date strategies to succeed in creating the business and life you want.

Our Business Development Training Module will position you for success as a practitioner in the thriving health and wellness field. It’s not enough to be a great coach who has a wealth of nutrition knowledge. You also have to know how to package your services and attract clients. You have to know how to charge what you’re worth. You have to know how to talk about money. You have to know how to tell your story in such a way that clients will gladly pay you to help solve their problems. If you know how to do all of this, you’ll have more clients than you can handle, putting yourself in the enviable position of choosing the clients you want. 

Here’s some of what we cover in this module: 

You’ll learn about building your brand and business, defining your business model, managing your client flow, and marketing your practice. We’ll cover the distinct strategies used in online and brick-and-mortar businesses, including building your website, leveraging social media platforms, creating an opt-in, designing email marketing campaigns, and reaching your audience through newsletters, blogging, and other forms of content marketing.

We’ll talk about developing program packages and how you can truly create a sustainable living by working for yourself. We’ll also explain how to approach already existing businesses and offer your services for their clients or employees. 

Unlike a lot of other business programs, we don’t give you a cookie cutter approach -- instead, we help you discover where you want to go, who you want to serve, and how you can build a business and life that works for you. 

We want you to have a truly effective day-to-day practice, feeling fulfilled and doing what you love.

The Business Module has been designed to guide you through what you need to know, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro looking to expand your practice with a lucrative and high-growth opportunity.

Business Coaching Calls with Marc David

Also as part of the training, Marc will personally lead four live 90-minute business coaching calls. This is your time to ask business and practice development questions, discuss various marketing and branding strategies, get feedback, problem solve, celebrate your successes and breakthroughs, and get some meaningful guidance from someone who’s been down the road of practice building. 

Many of you are already established coaches, psychotherapists, and allied health professionals with a robust client base. Others will be just starting out on your journey or perhaps fall somewhere in between. 

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, these business coaching calls will help you learn how to develop a thriving practice based on your natural strengths as a Mind Body Eating Coach. 

If you’ve found many business and marketing approaches confusing or overwhelming, We think you’ll discover these business coaching sessions to be a breath of fresh air!

Student Support Calls

Stephanie Mara Fox, MA, is our resident psychotherapist providing additional support as you begin your career as a Mind Body Eating Coach. Stephanie will be there for you throughout the entire Training to support with anything that may come up for you on this educational and professional journey.

During these regularly scheduled, optional calls, you'll have the opportunity to receive personal guidance and coaching to encourage and motivate you. We've found that the journey to becoming a Mind Body Eating Coach is always inspiring, but can also be emotionally challenging as we confront some of our own food and body challenges. With Stephanie's expert guidance, you'll have the support and mentorship to process through whatever may be coming up for you.

These calls occur twice monthly and the schedule will be given upon enrollment. These calls are live, however they are also recorded in case you need to listen in at another time.


We could go on forever about how important the information in this Training is, but the true indicator of whether these lessons are going to actually change people’s lives is in the hands of the coaches we certify. Coaches like you who start in the right place with the right intentions.  

  • You’re passionate about health and healing.  
  • You want a fulfilling career where you can help and serve others.  
  • You’re excited to be part of a bigger movement in health and transformation.  
  • You want to know the latest cutting edge approaches to food and body challenges.  
  • You want to learn nutrition and coaching skills that really work for real people.  
  • You want a unique certification that stands out in the marketplace.  
  • You want the flexibility and freedom to choose your hours and work at your own pace.  
  • You want to get off the income roller coaster by adopting proven, systematic, and predictable techniques for building a thriving, lucrative business.  

You’re on the cusp of a journey of professional transformation that will take you to places you’ve never been. You’ll find great value, both personally and professionally, by committing to this program. This Coach Certification Training will give you the tools and skills to help others in a deep and meaningful way.

We’re proud of this unique professional offering that goes far beyond a typical health coach program.


Here are some of the many ways graduates have used their Coach Certification Training education:

  • Change careers in less than a year and embark on a new and exciting professional journey
  • Accelerate and expand on an already-existing professional practice with this new skill set
  • Teach groups, classes, and retreats
  • Work in corporate wellness programs 
  • Own or work in your own health clinic, fitness center, or wellness center
  • Create a virtual business working with clients internationally and enjoy the ease of earning an income from anywhere in the world

We’ve had so many people not only change their career in a year, but also truly enhance their skills as a doctor, nurse, psychologist, counselor, bodyworker, yoga instructor, fitness professional, chiropractor, naturopath, dietitian, educator … and so many more!

As you’ll discover, the sky’s the limit. Of course, it depends on your efforts, but I know so many students who have recouped their investment before the Training even ends. Coaches with their own business can command anywhere from $75-250 an hour, and $100K or more a year in income is definitely within your reach. Motivation and commitment are required to achieve such results, but the opportunities are more readily available than ever before, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Marc Hyman

"Marc David is the leading voice establishing the intimate connection between stress, digestion, metabolism, weight, and health. He reminds us that our relationship with food is as important as the food itself. If you've ever struggled with finding a way to a deep, happy, and healthy connection with your body and food, Marc’s trainings and books are your bible. In a world of “high fad” diets he stands alone, guiding us toward nourishment and healing."

Mark Hyman, MD, twelve-time New York Times bestselling author, featured doctor on the Today Show, CNN, The View, the Katie Couric Show and The Dr. Oz Show.

Christiane Northrup

"Marc David provides us with the missing link about metabolism that sets us free to enjoy food more than ever while also losing weight and getting healthy. Thank you, thank you, Marc David."

Christiane Northrup, MD, New York Times Bestselling author and internationally renowned women’s health expert

Larry Dossey

"We will never understand nutrition without honoring the principles introduced by Marc David. He explodes a lot of popular archaic beliefs about diet and nutrition, and puts something vastly important in their place. His work will forever change the way you think about food."

Larry Dossey, MD, Physician and New York Times Bestselling author

Dean Ornish

Marc David eloquently teaches about the importance of addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives in order to truly nourish ourselves.

Dean Ornish, MD, presidential advisor, researcher, clinician, & New York Times Bestselling author

JJ Virgin

Rushed, mindless eating creates weight-loss resistance. Marc David provides an easy-to-apply, work-anywhere, plan that helps you relax, reduce stress, and savor every mouthful while burning fat and optimizing health.

JJ Virgin, Nutritionist and New York Times Bestselling Author


We know that there are other health coaching programs, and we don’t claim to be right for everyone. We want you to be sure that this is the best Training for you, based on your professional goals and the kind of work that you want to do in the world. Here’s what sets us apart:

We’re the only school in the world that teaches an eating psychology that’s designed for everyone who eats. I’ve personally spent over three decades developing the fields of Mind Body Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology, and our Training is the only place where you can get a truly solid education in these revolutionary approaches to working with food, body and health. 

If you’re fascinated by nutrition and eating challenges, but you want to go beyond simply telling people what and how to eat - if you want to actually dive into why people have food issues in the first place, and really get to the heart of your clients’ challenges - then, quite simply, you need this information. When coaches focus only on diet without getting to the root causes of a client’s concerns, the same challenges will tend to present themselves again and again. At the Institute, we’re all about making real and lasting changes in people’s lives - and we’ve developed the tools and protocols that work when it comes to transformation and healing that’s truly sustainable.

So many health practitioners know the difficulties involved in actually getting clients to follow through with the recommendations they suggest. You can have a nutrition degree, you can even be a medical doctor with all the latest science and technology at your fingertips, but if you want your clients to actually DO what you suggest - meaning if you want to be truly effective as a practitioner - the time-tested, results-oriented coaching techniques that we teach will make all the difference.

I’m sure you know people who’ve tried every diet out there and still haven’t seen the results they were looking for. That might even describe you. What we offer is something very different: a framework for getting to the source of any eating challenge and addressing it from the inside out. Yes, in this Training you’ll get nutritional science, coaching strategies, and practical business skills. But you’ll get something that no one else is talking about, something that will give you a real edge as a practitioner: a profound understanding of an eating psychology for everyone. 

If your goal is to learn how to design meal plans for specific conditions, this isn’t the training for you. These days, nutrition information is abundantly available for free on the Internet. As we see it, the job of a coach is to help clients reap the benefits of all that the information by learning how to actually apply it. Coaches are here to help clients get unstuck, and to help uncover the root cause of their unwanted eating challenges. That’s when the magic starts to happen.

This Training is the culmination of my 35+ years of study and clinical experience. I so want you to benefit from what I’ve learned. I want to help you understand the nuances of working with clients, and give you the coaching skills that work in real life. In short, this is the information and wisdom I wish I was given when I was starting out as a practitioner. 



We’re committed to going above and beyond to provide you with a unique Training that prepares you to have the kind of health practice, lifestyle and income you want. Our Coach Certification Training gives you the tools and skills to help others in a deep, meaningful and lasting way, which is why our application process is designed to ensure that you’ll be part of a student body that’s inspired, caring and truly looking to serve others in a meaningful way.

We know that improving yourself is an investment in your future. That’s why the admission to the Coach Certification Training is by application only. It’s our way of making sure that every candidate who comes to us is one who will not just survive as a health coach, but thrive as an active member of our community who champions for better lives for their clients.  

Your application lets us know about your background, your interests and your career goals to assure a perfect fit. Once you submit your application, our admissions team will review it and and respond to you personally within 3 business days.  

Many other health coach programs are all about just bringing in as many students as they can. Here at the Institute, you aren’t a number or a faceless student checking off boxes. We’re partners in this process and, as future colleagues working towards improved wellness for all, we want to see you succeed as much as you do.

Submit Your Application to the Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification!



The Institute is approved and regulated by the State of Colorado’s Department of Education - Division of Private Occupational Schools, and our refund policy is dictated by our regulatory body. In a nutshell, refunds are granted in proportion to the amount of content that’s been delivered. We’re happy to provide you with full details. Just email us here:

Invest In Your Future

We’re committed to giving you the knowledge and skills that will allow you to have the kind of lifestyle and earnings that make for a life you can truly love. And based on our decades of expertise, this Training is designed to pay for itself with only your first 6 clients.  

Your investment for the entire program, including online curriculum, private online community, group coaching, a designated peer coach, live Q&A sessions, and optional business training, is $6950.  

We offer various payment options and plans to suit your specific needs and make this training accessible, whether you're new to coaching or adding this skill-set to your already existing wellness practice. Once you’re accepted, if you choose one of our payment plans, you can get started with monthly payments for as little as $545.  

We take great pride in providing the most extensive eating psychology and mind body nutrition training in the world, so if that's what you're looking for, you're in good hands. Just click the button below to complete your application! 

Our next Training begins in March 2023 If you're accepted and enroll, you‘ll receive a welcome packet, reading list, handouts, exercises and an introductory module right away via email. You’ll also be able to join our online community and start getting to know your classmates! 

Ashly Torian

When I first learned of the Coach Certification Training, I knew intuitively that this is what I had been looking for - the missing piece not only for my clients success, but also for myself. I was in awe of all the tools, materials, methods, and information Marc David shared in this course. My own health was feeling the effects of operating in a stressed state 24/7. As a Personal Trainer for more than 24 years, I have seen clients lose weight and reach their goal only to gain it back a year later. This was not fair to them - there was a huge flaw in the calories in/calories out method. This training presented the missing piece to the lifelong success my clients were looking for. During the training, I was able to completely immerse myself in this process of stressed state vs. relaxed state living, and realized why I and so many others struggle with food, body and life issues. This one tool of the many I learned allows me to guide and inspire my clients in a whole new way. No more “surface” training for me. Now I can really dive in and help my client get to the root of their issue. I know I'll continue to review this material and learn something new each time. This training has truly made an impact on me personally and professionally - a big win-win! I highly recommend this program if your heart is led to helping others on a deep level, and if you want to truly make a difference in your work and in the world. Thank you Marc and IPE staff, your program is awesome! 

Ashly Torian - Body Balance – Mind + Body Fitness 


We live in a time where so many of us are waking up to the possibility that we can make a living truly helping others while having the freedom and flexibility we crave. The possibilities are truly endless here. 

Our Certification Training is designed to take you into the future of nutritional healing… now. 

You’ll be at the forefront of a new movement in eating psychology that addresses all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart, and soul.

The skills you’ll learn are unique and revolutionary and will empower you to change lives as a Mind Body Eating practitioner. You’ll come away with confidence, inspiration, a new and profound understanding of your relationship with food, and the coaching tools you need to skilfully help others transform their eating challenges for good.

I look forward to reviewing your application and meeting you in the Training!

My warmest regards,
Marc David Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating


Anneliese Woitulewicz

From the first time I heard Marc David speak, I knew this was an approach I needed to learn more about. At first, I tried pushing away the training because I was involved in too many other programs, but it kept appearing in front of me. I was nervous making the investment at first, but that didn’t last long! I cannot imagine my coaching career without the knowledge I have gained in the Coach Certification Training. The authenticity, truth, and integrity delivered in this training has been a life changer for me. I finally let go of old patterns and am now free in ways I didn’t realize even existed. I am free from dieting, free from the scale, and free from toxic thinking that has surrounded me my whole life. I've now learned to truly step into my body and build real awareness to living a full life - and I'm thrilled to bring this to my clients. I have the confidence to help each and every person that comes to me. The logistics of the course delivery itself provided a seamless experience throughout. I really appreciated the ease of use of the website, and the labeling and descriptors of all the content making organization of the downloads very easy on the computer and iPod. Help was always available in a heartbeat for all questions. There was definitely not a shortage of content! And I LOVED every bit. I am so happy that I plan to go through the material again and again. I could not offer a higher recommendation of this training for anyone coaching clients in the realm of nutrition, food, disordered eating, weight loss, energy, stress, immunity and more! My only regret is that the course has ended. I am honored to be able to help spread this life-changing message to the world. Thank you to the IPE staff for awakening a new me, personally and professionally. And thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community. 

Annelise Woitulewicz - Mind Body Eating Coach

When I started practicing nutrition advice and therapy, I quickly realized that nutritional knowledge could only take me so far with obtaining long term healthy results with clients. While the clients I was seeing did not have eating disorders, the majority of them had challenges around food and body image. So I looked for a training program to complement my nutritional expertise and address these challenges. Initially, I could only find traditional nutritionist programs or eating disorder courses, until I discovered IPE's Coach Certification Training. As I was reading the details of the course, I felt I had landed on my feet. I enrolled and have not looked back since. My practice is busier than ever and I feel I am making a real difference in my clients’ lives. The training also turned out to be extremely beneficial on a personal level too. I would go as far as saying that this training has changed my life. I learned to love and accept my imperfections, to have a free and peaceful relationship with food and with my body and to relax more into uncertainty. IPE’s professional training is much more than a training program, it’s a personal growth journey and a community of skilled and experienced practitioners based all around the world. I could not recommend it highly enough. 

Florence Cameron - Nutritional Advisor and Mind Body Eating Coach United Kingdom

Florence Cameron

Peter Craig

When I signed up for this coaching program, my main goals were to learn more about nutrition, psychology, coaching, and business. Now as a certified coach in the psychology of eating, I am proud to say that I have achieved my goals! I am starting a new business, have my first coaching clients coming in, and feel that I have learned much about my own relationship with eating. As a health-conscious person for many years I assumed I didn't really struggle with eating challenges the way that many do, but taking this program I realized that I had some unhealthy behaviors including some binge eating...The weekly study offered me compassion and curiosity for my (unhealthy) eating habits and allowed me to refocus on what's important - loving my self and body, eating HIGH QUALITY ingredients, and taking more time for the whole eating process - grocery shopping (farmers markets!), preparing meals, and savoring the food! Now I feel more inspired about and engaged in my health than ever before! It's becoming more and more clear to me how absolutely essential it is for us to inquire into what we're putting into our bodies...we can CHOOSE greater health, and when we have a supportive community (thanks to IPE Facebook!), a compassionate approach, constant education, it makes it easy and fun to make positive changes. ...Good news - with all these benefits I just ran my first triathlon and placed in the top 5%! Thank you so much for everything Marc, Stephanie, and all of IPE! 

Peter Craig - Mind Body Eating Coach

I started IPE’s professional training program when I was at a crossroads in my life. I knew that I was ready to start working with people to support healing, growth and transformation, but I didn't yet know how I was going to get there. I had many different skills that I acquired over the years, but something about IPE's training and approach resonated deeply with me. Through my education at the Institute, I was able to put together so many different pieces about counseling, nutrition, food and the mind-body connection. Not only did I experience profound personal transformation around my relationship with food and body image, but I also gained invaluable skills that allow me to work with women and teen girls around these very issues. The clients I work with have experienced miraculous changes in their lives because of the way I am able to understand and guide them. I love the work I do. Having such passion for my profession is one of the greatest gifts in my life.Marc David is a true expert and a pioneer in the field of Eating Psychology. His decades of clinical experience and masterful teaching style empower professionals to go out into the field with greater confidence, immense skill and a huge heart. I am profoundly grateful that I found IPE. This program will change your life and infinitely enhance your ability to work with people and support them in meaningful life changes. 

Emma Teitel - Teen Girl Mentor + Mind Body Eating Coach

Emma Teitel

Diana Bohan

IPE's Coach Certification Training was the best educational investment I’ve made both in terms of time and money. I have gained a greater understanding of how our thoughts and beliefs about food and body image affect our ability to lose weight, love ourselves, and enjoy eating. Marc David's knowledge and his authentic passion taught me that there are so many ways to address challenges with weight , binge eating, fatigue, digestion, and body image by turning upside down the prevailing methods that practitioners have used in the field of contemporary nutrition with unsustainable results. Not only did I love the content of this course, I also loved getting to know other students through the private networks and class forums. This communication was vital to the learning experience, as all of the discussions brought more clarity to the class modules each month. I highly recommend this training to anyone who has a passion for helping others in this unique way or to learn more about their own body and healing journey. 

Diana Bohan - Personal Nutrition + Embodiment Coach  

It was not an easy decision at first to choose between a traditional graduate school experience and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I knew that I wanted to help people work through problematic issues surrounding food and body image. I also was hungry to explore more of my personal struggles in this arena. For over a decade, I struggled with a compulsive relationship with food. My logical mind said to choose graduate school, but my heart drew me to IPE. The first teaching brought me to tears of relief and ignited passion, because I quickly realized this was the perfect blend of what I needed and what I wanted to give away to others. The traditional "addictions" model had value, but it really never spoke to my struggles with food. I knew something was missing. Finally, It found me! Marc's soulful approach is like nothing I've ever experienced in a training or in life. My relationship with food and my body has been transforming in the past several months in a way that daily keeps me in a space of gratitude and wonder. My husband continues to be impressed with how much I have evolved as a woman since the onset of the program. He watched me over the years exhaust every resource while finding little change. The Coach Certification Training has led me to turn the corner and see my struggles in a whole new way! I am just starting to coach women and stand amazed at how well equipped I feel to work with them. I believe in this work because it is changing my life! The flexibility of this program works into my busy life with two kids and a massage therapy practice. The staff is so professional, yet you feel like you are sitting at a table sipping hot tea with them when you correspond or listen to the teachings. I am so thankful for Marc David's work and I am honored to share it with a world that desperately needs this approach to liberation! 

Julia Curry - Mind Body Eating Coach 

Julia Curry

Katie Holmes

Speaking from my body and my soul, the Coach Certification Training with IPE fed me just what I needed. I took the training because of an interest that would hopefully become a future practice. I was completely under-prepared for the amazing education IPE provides! Truthfully, I have a hard time not talking about it. Even though it was an online training with some live components, I was surprised to feel such a personal connection with the school, the staff, the instruction and even the other students. Marc David and everyone who has helped have created a very warm yet universal way of teaching. It is a saturating experience, full of understanding, care, personal growth and humor. One of my favorite results is to see a new view of the world’s beliefs, attitudes and thoughts. I have a more positive understanding of everything, including myself. When the truth is laid on the table in such a refreshing approach, it is easy to see how much better we can do at this thing called life. 

Katie Holmes - Health + Wellness Mind Body Eating Coach

Most of us have heard the saying "opportunity knocks." When I registered for the IPE Professional Coach Training, I knew that I was signing up for a unique program taught by Marc David and that the content would be very interesting and valuable to me. But what I didn't know was that I would also be given the opportunity to heal my own relationship with food, become part of a community of smart, like-minded individuals, and graduate with a tool kit of advanced skills to help others in my coaching practice. This program exceeded my expectations on every level. Each module was interesting, well organized, professionally delivered, and full of supplemental materials and recordings. The IPE staff is very accessible and supportive, making this distance learning program feel very personal. My heartfelt thanks to Marc for creating a wonderful program and to the IPE staff for all you do in support of it. This valuable information can now travel around the world and back. I hope these brilliant teachings, full of wisdom and insight, help heal all who are still waiting to learn these lessons. Thank you again to the Institute for so generously sharing this work with me. 

Susan Beckman Reagan - Founder + Director of Defining NutritionAnaLisa Rutstein, MA, CHC, CHT - Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

Susan Beckman

Lauren Noreen

In all of the other nutrition and coaching programs I have participated in, I felt like something was missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I always felt hungry even after the last meal of the course was served. As a Health and Wellness Coach, I knew I could inform my clients with the health and nutrition knowledge I possessed, but I also had a feeling that it wasn't necessarily enough to create change and transformation. That was 6 months ago. Today it's a different story. Why? Because I studied at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and it changed everything. This program is the real deal. The introductory classes were full of “aha” moments and pages and pages of notes for me. Although it was just the beginning, my perspective on nutrition and healing was completely changed. In this training, I have laughed, cried, jumped for joy, and gazed up above and said thank you. One of the most important messages I connected with from the very beginning of the training is the idea of looking at unwanted symptoms, disease, and habits as a message from the divine to be listened to, embraced, loved. By using this metaphor with clients, I have seen amazing transformations. The main teacher- Marc David, possesses an enormous amount of experience, training, and insight into this work and it shows. He is not only very well trained and educated, but also an effective teacher. My perspective and coaching philosophy changed because of his teachings. And my own life and the lives of my clients have been forever touched. I would recommend the IPE training to anyone looking to fully understand issues related to food, body, and weight and who want to work with clients to create lasting transformation. The modules cover everything and anything you will need to know to do this work. The community is very supportive. The calls with Marc are alone worth the value of the program. It's everything you need to be an effective coach, an inspired, fully-alive human being, and more.

 Lauren Noreen M.Ed., R.Y.T. - Mind Body Eating + Wellness Coach | Beyond Food Wellness

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Marc David and his teachings. Throughout IPE's Professional Training and after reading, The Slow Down Diet, I experienced a personal transformation that was so profound and affected me in many facets of my everyday life. After years and years of reading all the books and looking for answers from the “experts”, I finally learned to listen to the true expert, my inner nutritionist. I am liberated from the constant search for the “right” answers and come from a place of clarity and connection to my own body that was once missing for me. I am now able to use my energy and focus in a more productive manner. On a professional level, Marc’s words of wisdom and language have empowered me to create a platform for my workshops and one-on-one coaching. I never give a talk or work with a client without delving into the missing piece of the puzzle that became evident during the IPE program: It is not just what we eat, it really is about how we eat. My clients are fascinated and achieve long-term results when they slow down, take pleasure in the eating experience, and become fully engaged in the nourishment process. They usually come to the realization that feeling nourished is not just about the food. I have the skill set and am able to guide and encourage this mind-body connection since studying at IPE. I love what I do not only because it is my passion, but also because I can work with people in a meaningful and transformative way. As I continue to grow personally and professionally, I will hear Marc’s voice and always have him to thank as one of my greatest and most influential teachers.

Elise Museles - Eating Psychology + Nutrition Expert - Founder of Kale & Chocolate

Elise Museles

Anita Avalos

It is hard for me to put into words just how much this work has meant to me. By far, the training I have received from IPE has been the best thing I have done for myself both professionally and personally. It has completely changed the way I coach and connect with my clients, not to mention how I show up in my own life. I knew I wanted to take my clients to a whole new level with their relationship to food and body, but felt really limited in how to make that happen. I struggled with how to take them out of the diet mentality and into feeling more trust and compassion with themselves. That was until I discovered Marc David. I knew I had found my teacher, my mentor, and HAD to study with him, but I could have never imagined just how rich this training would have been. What Marc and IPE have created is unlike anything out there. It is a soul-level kind of training that asks you to look deeply and honestly at yourself, life, and the cultural connections we have about the body, food, and health. Covering everything from fatigue to weight-loss to how to show up fully for your clients, they have left no stone unturned. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am a better coach, person, daughter, and partner because of this work. I feel so excited to share these teachings through my work because I know first-hand how powerful they are. It's a one-of-a-kind training that I feel so lucky to have experienced. 

Anita Avalos - Holistic Health - Eating Psychology - Body-Food Relationship Coach

Studying with Marc David and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has made me a more insightful and powerful coach. Frankly, I wasn't sure if doing IPE's Professional Training was for me. I have a Master's degree in Psychology, over 20 years of study and work in the field of Health and Wellness and I was already working steadily with clients. I wasn't sure if I would learn anything new, but that wasn't the case at all. Not only did I learn new and highly effective ways of working with my clients, but I deepened what I knew and put it into a framework that makes me much more confident about my work and it's efficacy. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has guided me and elevated me professionally and personally. IPE's approach is clear, compassionate, authentic, grounded and scientifically based. The Professional Training is the key to helping clients develop a positive relationship with food and body. I highly recommend studying with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating if you know that "what" you eat isn't the whole story when it comes to health and wellness. 

Nina Manolson - Health Coach + Mind Body Eating Coach 

Nina Manoloson

Susannah McAlway

Out of all the many trainings I have completed, I can honestly say that IPE's Coach Certification Training was a supreme and transcendent experience. It was everything I needed to consummate my own healing journey, and everything I required for the actualization of my new journey in helping others heal. The depth of each and every lecture was empowering, unique, visionary and transformative. Marc David's charismatic, engaging, energetic and genuinely passionate approach was a compelling combination! The organization of the training was superior - ten out of ten! The proficient and charming support staff seemed available 24/7, and overall I feel very blessed and grateful to have found IPE. If you want to immerse yourself and dig deeper in understanding food and body issues on a phenomenally profound and artful level, then this training will surely meet all your expectations. It definitely exceeded mine. If you feel a calling in this line of work, do yourself a favor and join IPE for an invaluable experience. 

Susannah McAlwey - Nourishment and Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder of Full Spectrum Healing Perth, Australia

I can’t thank Marc enough for putting this wonderful program together. IPE’s training has profoundly impacted the way I now understand health and its challenges. Not only have I found powerful tools that have helped me heal my own journey with food and body, I have also received amazing skills and confidence that have enabled me to help transform the lives of people around me. The Training is a must for anyone interested in being at the forefront of a new revolution that is transforming our understanding of food, weight, body and health. I'm honored to be part of this powerful movement.

Maria Montemayor - Holistic Health + Mind Body Eating Coach Mexico/Hong KongToi Holliday - Consultant + Founder of Toi’s Natural Health Center

Maria Montemayor

Evelyn Parham

The EPCC training opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at eating, nutrition and the body. For years I put restrictions on myself with food, but now I know better. Learning what stress can do to the body was a very powerful lesson and it is a lesson that I never forget. The training also helped me become a better listener. I recommend IPE Training because it is life changing. You cannot take this training and not have your life transformed personally and professionally. There's a lot of information, but you also walk away with nuggets of wisdom that you will carry for a lifetime. Marc David is an amazing teacher, a man full of infinite wisdom who brings out the best in people and in the world. I thank God for the opportunity to be one of Marc's students. My life has forever been changed because of this training. Thank you, Marc David and the IPE team!

Evelyn Parham, M.S. - Mind Body Eating Coach

I am a psychologist, and have spent my professional career consulting with parents and teachers of children in day care. A lifelong learner with multiple graduate degrees, I have taken many continuing education classes in the last 20 years, and I always find something useful to incorporate into my work and my life. I was drawn to IPE because I have struggled with food and weight for my adult life, and I have lived with MS since 1996. I embarked on the training more for my personal evolution than to boost my professional career. I hoped this training would provide me with the hidden wisdom to transform my body and health so that I could feel good about myself. Instead this training has changed my thinking and my life. After years of looking to books and experts for answers, I have begun to find the answers within myself. I am learning to embrace body, mind and spirit, and I have come to see MS as body wisdom to be cherished rather than shunned. Marc David is a gifted teacher who delivers his message with passion, grace, humility and humor. It is clear he has invested years accumulating knowledge and wisdom. Drawing on the science of biology and nutrition, archetypal and spiritual psychology, and an in-depth understanding of the human psyche, Marc augments theory with a rich reservoir of case studies which illuminate the successes and challenges of counseling and bring to life his theoretical constructs. I learned a new way to listen to clients, to relax into the uncertainty that is always part of counseling, along with the tools to nurture and guide clients into a more nourishing relationship with food, their bodies, and their lives. In addition to lectures packed with information, Marc has compiled a comprehensive reading list to augment his teaching. Many of the books inform the evolution of his message - to redefine how we, as a collective, approach food, eating, nutrition, nourishment, embodiment, and healing. The class boards and online group provide forums for participants to interact and support each other, and I feel blessed to be part of a community of like-minded individuals walking this part of life's journey together. I recommend this course for its extraordinary learning experience to anyone seeking a unique approach which integrates nutrition science with mind-body psychology to advance a nutrition or therapy practice, and to anyone wanting to evolve personally. 

Jayne Beker, Psy.D. - Mind Body Eating Coach

Jayne Beker

Karin Connelly

I’ve worked many years as a Clinical Psychologist and have long felt a fundamental gap in my work. I would complain about insurance companies and medical model mentality—doing my best to work around it and keep it out of my sessions with “patients.” But there it was - I wasn’t truly happy. I was not aligned with… what?I stumbled upon the Institute or the Psychology of Eating while exploring ways to heal my own health issues - after meeting the obvious limits of my doctor’s prescriptive fix. I could see early on that I would be learning a wealth of practical information and interventions through the Coach Certification Training, but there was something more to this training. The process of this work holds a mystery and reveals itself, not so much through knowledge, but through direct experience and transformation. I put my trust in it because it resonated deeply with me, and I was able to enter wholeheartedly—not really knowing where I was headed. So much has changed for me during this time, both personally and professionally! A weight has been lifted, and I can simply do what I need to do to create the work I truly love. It’s a holistic, innovative way of working with clients - to discover that the problems we face are actually mirrors for exploration and a way home to being more fully ourselves. I’ve loved my time in the Training! I’ve learned that it’s never too late to shift and tap into a more joyful, energized way of working—and being. 

Karin A. Connelly, PhD - Clinical Psychologist + MindBody Nutrition Coach

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